iComfort Hybrid Mattresses

Serta has been known for over 85 years for offering innovative, quality mattresses and other products, which is why Best Mattress is a proud supplier of Serta mattresses. Our showrooms offer an impressive array of Serta products, including several types of iComfort Hybrid® mattresses.   The iComfort Hybrid® Mattress Line by Serta When it comes to mattress shopping, most people assume that they have to … Continued

Serta Adjustable Foundations

Whole or Split Adjustable Bases?

Once you’ve decided to try an adjustable base bed, you’ll need to choose whether you want a split adjustable base. Whereas a standard adjustable base keeps the same configuration across the width of the bed, a split base has two separate, independently-adjustable sections. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and the best choice for you will depend on your sleeping habits and those of your partner. … Continued

Setting up an Adjustable Bed

Setting Up an Adjustable Bed

After investing in an adjustable bed in Las Vegas, you’re probably excited to start enjoying a mattress that moves as much as you do. However, before you can start relaxing in your new bed, you need to think about how to arrange your bedroom to accommodate your new adjustable frame. Here are just a few things to think about, so that you can enjoy your … Continued

Sleep Tip #24: Sleep Stages

Have you ever woken up feeling more tired than when you went to bed? In order to have a great night’s rest, your body needs to experience four stages of sleep. Stage 1 lasts five to ten minutes, during which your eyes are closed. In stage 2, your heart rate slows and your body temperature decreases in preparation for deep sleep. Stages 3 and 4 are the deepest … Continued

Check Out Our Specials!

Here at Best Mattress in Las Vegas, we understand all that goes into buying a new mattress. Getting great sleep is important, and we believe everyone deserves to get quality rest. That is why we offer amazing deals on our website every day! Currently, we are offering to pay your sales tax for you on select Beauty Sleep, Beauty Rest, Perfect Sleeper, Sherwood, Serta and Tempurpedic … Continued

Sleep Tip #23: Mattress Size

Do you sleep in cramped quarters? Sharing a bed with a spouse, a child, or even a pet can turn sleeping into a nightly wrestling match. A healthy person moves and rolls anywhere from 40-60 times a night. This freedom of motion allows you to relax as you sleep. But two people sleeping on a full or double sized mattress only have as much personal sleeping … Continued

Sleep Tip #22: The Side Sleep Position

Did you know there are three main sleep positions? They are lying on your side, on your back, or on your stomach. While the position you choose is likely due to individual preference, it may be worth establishing new habits. Specialists recommend sleeping on your side in order to rest more comfortably and decrease your chances of interrupted sleep. All variations of sleeping on your side are … Continued

Why Tempur-Pedic? You’ll Sleep Better.

NOTHING ELSE FEELS LIKE A TEMPUR-PEDIC Tempur-Pedic’s proprietary TEMPUR® material changed the way the world sleeps.  It adapts to your body, so you get personalized comfort and support.  The unique feel of TEMPUR material delivers your best night’s sleep.  It’s what makes Tempur-Pedic the most highly recommended bed in America™. PRECISELY ADAPTS TO YOUR BODY TEMPUR material responds to your temperature, weight and shape, for … Continued

Motion Perfect III Base

Sleep Tip #21: Sleep Tech That’ll Improve Your Snooze

Your sleep will only be as good as the bed you sleep on, and at Best Mattress, we want to make sure both are top quality. That’s why we offer Serta iComfort mattresses made with top-grade memory foam. Unlike many other models, iComfort mattresses will stay comfortable and supportive at any temperature. We also offer Serta adjustable bases which allow you to customize your sleeping position, … Continued

Sleep Tip # 20: A Nap Can Go a Long Way

If you’re having trouble concentrating or are drowsy after a poor night’s sleep, try taking an afternoon nap! A nap as short as 5 minutes can help improve your focus and make you feel refreshed. But try to limit your nap length to 45 minutes or less–anything longer than that will leave you drowsy. Also, if it’s already late in the afternoon, try to wait … Continued