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Beautyrest vs Stearns and Foster Mattress Comparison

Beautyrest vs Stearns and Foster Mattresses

Buying a new mattress can be daunting given all of the different choices available. From different firmness ratings to sizes and material layers, there are lots of decisions to make if you want to pick a great mattress for your needs.

Two of the most popular brands available on Best Mattress, aside from Tempur-Pedic, are Beautyrest and Stearns and Foster. These two brands make quality products, they’re reliable, and they offer a wide variety of choices that make them great for everyone. Regardless if you’re looking for a comfortable mattress for an adjustable foundation or a mattress to alleviate your back pain, we highly recommend both of these brands.

But to help you make the decision easier, we’re going to compare these two brands and some of their top mattresses.

Beautyrest Mattresses

Beautyrest offers a huge range of different mattresses. From their Beautyrest Black K-Class Ultra Plush Pillow Top Mattress to the budget-friendly Beautyrest Daydream Medium Mattress, there are plenty of choices available to suit all price ranges and needs.

Stearns and Foster Mattresses

Stearns and Foster has a smaller range of products on Best Mattress. There’s not as much choice and prices start from $1,499.99 with their  Stearns and Foster Hurston Firm Mattress. This makes it a lot less daunting if you decide to go for a Stearns and Foster mattress and their master craftsmanship makes all of their mattresses an excellent choice regardless of your needs.

Comparing Beautyrest and Stearns and Foster mattresses

Here are a couple of meaningful comparisons to help you pick between the two brands.

Top-end options

The Beautyrest Black K-Class Ultra Plush Pillow Top Mattress is Beautyrest’s most expensive mattress starting at $3,499.99. We’ll be comparing it to the top-end Stearns and Foster offering, the Stearns and Foster Cassatt Plush Pillow Top Mattress. Both of these mattresses are plush pillow-top options that offer the ultimate in luxury and style. These are soft mattresses that offer fantastic comfort and padding, but they can also support your back thanks to their design.

The K-Class has the added benefit of BlackICE™4.0 technology which ensures that you never overheat while sleeping. This is the best cooling technology on the market today and is great for anyone that suffers from sweaty nights. In addition, they’ve added their RightTemp memory foam to distribute heat evenly and improve cooling capabilities. It also offers excellent pressure relief thanks to Beautyrest’s curated Technoluxe foams, making it great for people with hip or back problems.

On the other hand, the Cassatt offers optimal pressure relief with adaptive support thanks to the patented IntelliCoil® technology and high-density innerspring design. This makes it suitable for all kinds of sleepers and delivers long-lasting support.

While both the K-Class and Cassatt are excellent choices as top-end options, it’s clear that the K-Class has a lot more technology built into the mattress and this is reflected in the price. With that said, the Cassatt is an excellent option as well and shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if you’re looking for a top-end mattress around that price range.

Firm options

Beautyrest and Stearns and Foster both offer a firm mattress option. Here, we’ll be comparing the Beautyrest Black L-Class Extra Firm Mattress with the Stearns and Foster Cassatt Ultra Firm Mattress.

From $1,799.99, the L-Class Extra Firm is the cheaper option of the two. It offers the ultimate in pressure relief which is great for people that wake up with tight muscles and sore joints. It also has their BlackICE™4.0 technology which helps to keep your body cool throughout the night. This is one of the better options if you’re looking for a firmer mattress to support your body.

The Cassatt Ultra Firm is the more expensive option at $2,399.99. This mattress is designed specifically for those who enjoy sleeping on their stomach. Thanks to the firm material that doesn’t sink easily, it provides plenty of support for the entire body and maintains a comfortable and natural spinal curve. It also comes with many layers of patented technology such as IntelliCoil HD and Indulge HD Memory Foam. These layers add to the cooling, durability, and comfort of the mattress.

These two choices are great for people that prefer a firm mattress but are at much different price points. It’s clear that the Cassatt Ultra Firm offers a bit more in terms of mattress technology, but the L-Class Extra Firm is certainly a competitor for one of the top firm mattresses we offer.

Entry-level options

Buying an entry-level mattress is difficult because there are lots of questionable products and brands out there. Thankfully, Beautyrest offers a great entry-level option with their Beautyrest Daydream Medium Mattress at just $319.99. It offers amazing features such as their AirCool® Gel Memory Foam and GelTouch® Foam but doesn’t contain the same high-end technology as the previous mattresses we’ve covered. It’s designed with both health and comfort in mind as well, making it a great entry-level option if you’re looking to invest in a better mattress.

The Stearns and Foster Hurston Firm Mattress is the cheapest option from the brand at $1,499.99. It’s considerably more expensive than the Daydream Medium, but it’s certainly worth the added price because it comes with multiple comfort layers including their IntelliCoil HD and Precision Edge + AirVent technologies. It’s difficult to compare these two options given the drastically different price range, but it goes to show that Beautyrest does focus a little more on the entry-level side of mattresses while Stearns and Foster are firmly secured as a premium mattress brand.

We understand that choosing between a Beautyrest and Stearns and Foster mattress is difficult, but we hope that this article has given you great insights to help you choose. If you’re still unsure about which mattress brand to go with, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Best Mattress to chat with an expert that can help you decide.

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