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A couple laying comfortably in bed

What’s the Best Mattress for Couples?

In the United States alone, more than 132 million adults are married, while over 18 million unmarried people cohabit with a partner. Given the fact that each sleeper is likely to have different sleeping habits, this poses a challenge. To function efficiently, both partners need decent sleep, and that’s not as simple as it sounds. Do you […] Read More. . .
Couple in bed after uncomfortable sleep

Why You Should Throw Out Your Old Mattress Right Now!

Most people don’t know that you should change your mattress at least once every six to eight years. Using the same mattress for longer than seven years can result in body aches and pains. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to maintain a healthy body and mind. In this post, we explain why it’s important […] Read More. . .
Infographic showing the proper sleeping ergonomics and body posture

What Type of Mattress Should I Get?

Getting a new mattress is an investment that will last years. The average lifespan of a mattress is 10 to 15 years, depending on the quality of construction. But how do you choose the right type? Let’s take a closer look at what goes into choosing the perfect mattress for your body type, sleep position, […] Read More. . .
Bed protected with mattress protector

How to Protect Your Bed: Top 5 Mattress Protectors

Have you noticed a smell coming from your mattress, despite having just washed the sheets? Are there stains on your mattress after only a few years of owning it? If so, you’ll want to learn about the benefits of mattress protectors. Mattress care isn’t always at the top of many people’s priorities, but it should be. The National Sleep Foundation recommends […] Read More. . .
Couple laying on mattress in a store

Purchasing A Bed in Box From Nectar or Casper vs. In-Store

When shopping for a bed, you have one thing in mind: a good night’s sleep. Buying the right mattress is an important part of sleeping well, so you need to make sure you get it right. There’s no point in forking out for new sleep equipment if it’s going to lessen your sleep quality. You may […] Read More. . .
Serta Mattress on adjustable base

Serta Mattress: Why You Should Shop Serta in Las Vegas

Did you know that lack of sleep can increase the risk of diabetes, obesity, or stroke? The main reason why people lack a good night’s sleep is that they aren’t sleeping on a mattress that suits their needs. Everyone has different preferences in the type of mattress, but we have found that many people prefer […] Read More. . .
Sealy Hybrid #1 Hybrid Mattress

Sealy Hybrid: #1 Hybrid Mattress on the Market

  Have you ever been up all night, even though you were exhausted, wondering why you couldn’t sleep? Did you ever think that maybe it was the bed you were laying on? Often when we have issues with our health, we think it’s our bodies or something wrong with us. We don’t always think about […] Read More. . .
Man overheated is sleeping in his fridge

TEMPUR-breeze°: The Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers

When was the last time you got a full night’s sleep and felt rested and energized when you woke up in the morning? You’re reading this and wracking your brain for an answer. You haven’t had a good night’s sleep for as long as you can remember. You always roll into bed tired as can […] Read More. . .
couple on Serta iComfort Mattress

Which Serta iComfort Mattress Is Best?

Did you know that as many as 70 million adults in the United States have some kind of sleep disorder? Even those who don’t have a sleep disorder struggle with sleep. Many adults get less than seven hours of sleep per night. In some cases, this is because of medical conditions or other problems. But sometimes, poor sleep […] Read More. . .
Women making up bed sheets on bed

How to Care for Bed Sheets for Longer Lasting Comfort

Did you know that the right type of bed sheet determines how soundly you sleep? A recent study drew a direct link between cloth quality and sleep quality. So when you find the perfect set of bed sheets, make sure to protect your investment. Consider it a sleep investment. Read on for a nuts and bolts […] Read More. . .
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