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Like it or not, dust mites, makeup, sweat, tears, saliva, etc., can get into the pillow fabric of your pillows, never to be removed.

For this reason, a lot of people use pillow protectors. These incredible products fully encase the pillow in a sheet of protective fabric, keeping all the nasties out, thereby allowing the core pillow material to remain fresh and soft for longer.

Finding a quality pillow protector in Las Vegas can be a challenge because there are so many brands. Which one should you choose?

Pillow Protectors are Different from Pillowcases

Pillow protectors are not the same as pillowcases. A standard pillowcase has an opening at one end that allows you to remove the case for washing. Pillow protectors are different. Most models feature a zip that runs along the length of the pillow. This guarantees that dust mites and pet hair can’t penetrate the interior – great for those who have allergies.

Best Mattress sells several pillow protectors to keep your pillow clean and fresh. Many of these feature advanced technologies that make them more than just souped-up pillowcases. Some serious R&D has gone into developing them – far more than you might think. Let’s take a look at them now.

PureCare ReversaTemp Pillow Protector

Pillow protector companies are concerned about keeping your pillow clean but also giving you a better night’s sleep. PureCare, therefore, uses unique temperature control material on its ReversaTemp pillowcase that keeps air circulating.

Dual Sided

The key to the ReversaTemp pillow protector is its dual-material construction. On the one side, you get fabric that helps you stay cool – great for the summer months. And on the other, you have a warming fabric that offers more insulation – ideal for the winter.

The “cooling” side of the pillow is made of the company’s FRíO fiber – a mesh-like material that allows air to circulate. The “heating” side is made of HeatStar fabric – a dense weave that traps warm pockets of air, keeping your head warm, even if the surrounding temperature is cool.

Superior Protection

The PureCare ReversaTemp protector also offers a host of benefits that keep nasties away from your luxurious, plush pillows. For starters, the product creates a physical barrier around the entire case, protecting it against a host of allergens, microorganisms, and pollution. These include:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Moisture
  • Stains
  • Dust mites
  • Pollen
  • Grass seed
  • Bed bugs

AirXchange Technology

At the heart of the pillow protector’s design is PureCare’s AirXchange technology. Here, the firm uses a microfiltration strip to prevent particles from moving in or out while offering breathability.


PureCare also includes a technology called MiteTight that protects the zipper locker and prevents creatures from getting into the innards of the pillow via that particular route.

Machine Washable

Washing the pillowcase is surprisingly easy. You can wash and dry it on hot settings, thanks to the OmniGuard performance fabric. This allows you to give it a thorough clean – much better than you could achieve if you just hand washed.

Nanoparticle Technology

Finally, PureCare incorporates silver nanoparticle technology into the design of the material. This treatment inhibits and prevents the formation of mold, mildew, and bacteria that can cause degradation and stains on the pillowcase.

Award-Winning Pillow Protector

PureCare has received a host of awards and recognition for the quality of its products over the years. The firm’s pillow protectors, for instance, recently won the Women’s Choice Award for best protectors in their class. It is also the official protector of the National Sleep Foundation.

For all these reasons, the PureCare ReversaTemp is a solid choice for those looking for a quality pillow protector. It employs a range of technologies that protect against some of the most common threats pillows face and is particularly useful for those who want to avoid allergens, like pollen.

PureCare FRíO

PureCare’s FRíO pillow protector employs many of the same fundamental technologies as the ReservaTemp. Its mission is to prevent any dust, mold, or mites from getting into the pillow.

Super Protective Barrier

Like the ReversaTemp, it features the proprietary MiteTight seams and locker zip to create an almost impermeable barrier. It keeps out moisture, stains, dust mites, bed bugs, allergens, mold, and mildew. The combination of the synthetic seams and impenetrable zip gives the FRíO more protective power than pretty much any other product on the market.

AirXchange Lightweight Comfortable Fabric

The FRíO, like the ReversaTemp, also offers the company’s exclusive AirXchange lightweight fabric. The purpose of this is to allow the pillow protectors to keep the same feel and texture.

We don’t sell products that feel like you are sleeping on a plastic bag. We want you to enjoy the experience while also protecting the pillow. The AirXchange material feels much like a regular cotton pillowcase, so making the transition to the FRíO is more natural than many expect.

Great for Hot Sleepers in Las Vegas

The main difference between the FRíO and the ReversaTemp is flexibility. PureCare markets the former product to people who live in environments that are hot year-round or struggle to stay cool at night.

It features the company’s proprietary OmniGuard Advance fabric with rapid chill fibers to take heat away from your body while you sleep. Even in a pillow, this effect can yield considerable results and help you to sleep much better.

OmniGuard Advance

The way the technology works is sophisticated and required many years for PureCare to develop. OmniGuard Advance fabric is made of a series of nanostructures, nylon, and mica minerals that act a little bit like a microscopic radiator, transmitting heat away from the sleeper and out of the pillow. Research suggests that the fabric may be as much as five times as efficient as polyester at removing heat passively – easily enough to bring down the temperature of even the hottest sleeper.

Cool to the Touch

The moment your head hits the pillow, you’ll notice the effect, especially if it is a hot evening. The material feels cool to the touch and remains surprisingly fresh compared to the rest of your bedding, even throughout the night. For light sleepers and those who tend to sweat, the heat regulation technology can make a massive difference.

Comfortable Feel

Interestingly, all this new technology doesn’t actually make much difference in how the FRíO feels. When you put your head on it, it is essentially the same experience as a regular pillow. They wanted a product that would protect the pillow while at the same time, feeling familiar. They succeeded.

Compatible with Any Pillow Type

In terms of compatibility, PureCare have you covered there too. The brand says that you can use its pillow protectors with latex, gel, down, and memory foam pillows. Again, like the ReversaTemp, the FRíO is machine washable at all the usual temperatures and settings, allowing you to achieve better sanitation. It also comes with a five-year warranty for peace of mind.

OmniGuard Pillow Protector

We’ve already touched on OmniGuard technology from PureCare – a type of material that prevents infiltration but is, nonetheless, very comfortable. Now PureCare makes a pillow protector of the same name that encases your pillow in the proprietary fabric.

Women’s Choice Award

The OmniGuard pillow protector is a recipient of the Women’s Choice Award seal – a symbol of product excellence awarded by “the collective voice of women.”  Like the FRíO, it is also approved by the National Sleep Foundation, an organization dedicated to advocacy and education related to healthy sleep.

Comfortable Fabric

The standout feature of the OmniGuard is its lightweight fabric. You can put this material on your pillow and not notice any changes in its characteristics. It will behave exactly how it did when you first bought it, which is quite remarkable, given the step-up in technology.


PureCare also decks out the OmniGuard pillow protector with its silver chloride antibacterial formula. This treatment is perfectly safe for sleepers but kills practically all microorganisms that come into contact with it, including mold, mildew, and bacteria. This product, therefore, is an exceptionally hygienic option for people who want to prevent their pillows from smelling long-term.

Lower Cost – All the Benefits

While the range of technologies on the OmniGuard might be a little less than the other products we discussed above, it is no less capable. The purpose of this particular line is to give you a way of making your bedroom cleaner and more hygienic, without blowing your budget. The protector offers all of the essential technologies of the other two, but at a slightly lower price point.

Why Pillow Protectors Are So Important

Here, we’ve discussed some of the pillow protectors in Las Vegas that you can get. But before we wrap up, it is worth considering WHY having a pillow protector is essential. PureCare might offer some fabulous technology, but unless you have a sense of the importance of pillow protectors, you’re unlikely to swap out your old pillowcases for them.

Keeps Your Pillow Fresh

The OmniGuard, FRíO, and ReversaTemp all feature PureCare’s silver chloride nanotechnology treatment. For those who want to keep their pillows fresh, this is arguably the most crucial component. It creates a physical and bacteriological batter between the inside and the outside of the material, preventing anything from getting in and causing damage.

Keeps Allergens Out

A lot of people have to live with seasonal allergies. It is an unpleasant experience that can lead to a runny nose, itchy eyes, and, in some cases, difficulty breathing. Allergic reactions often begin outside the house, but depending on the type of pillow you have, they can get a lot worse when you come indoors.

Things like grass seed and pollen can get into your hair. Then, when you put your hair on the pillow, they hop over to your bedding, providing an endless source of allergens around the clock. This state of affairs is bad enough, but if the allergens get into the pillow material itself, they may stay there forever, causing allergies to persist way after the season ends. Pillow protectors prevent this from happening.

Allows Your Pillows To Last Longer

Pillows don’t always last. Mostly they fail because of inadequate protection – not because they reach the end of their natural life. Protectors, therefore, make your bedding last longer, protecting your investment.

The primary way they do this is by keeping moisture and sweat out.

Moisture is the biggest enemy of pillows. When a pillow gets wet, it facilitates the growth of bacteria that begin to feed and give off nasty smells, slowly breaking it down. It can also allow mold and mildew to get a foothold – both of which can have adverse health effects.

Protectors create an impermeable barrier between the outside world and the pillow within. Because water can’t get into the pillow fabric, opportunistic microbes and fungi can’t get a foothold, allowing the pillow to last much longer and stay fresher.

Wrapping Up

PureCare’s range of pillow protectors in Las Vegas is second to none. The company has thought of everything, from temperature regulation to the zip as being a weak point for entry.

If you’re somebody who lives in a variable climate, then the ReversaTemp will suit you best. If you’re sick of feeling hot and bothered every night, then the FRíO is the product for you. And if you just want something that will protect your pillow from contamination, then the OmniGuard will serve you well.