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How to Fold a Fitted Bed Sheet

Stack of folded fitted sheets, flat sheets, and pillowcases

When it comes to organizing that linen closet, fitted sheets can feel like the bane of your existence. Because they don’t fold flat easily like normal sheets and pillowcases, poorly folded fitted sheets can make the space look like a jumbled mess. Here are five steps for successfully folding a fitted sheet:

Step 1: Gather the First Two Corners

While standing, fold the sheet in half lengthwise so that two of the gathered corners are in one hand. Nest the corners together, so that the contours of one fitted edge are parallel to the other edge. To make this easier to do, put your hand inside the contours of one fitted corner, and then stretch the other fitted corner around the same hand, while you hold the folded edge of the flat side. Shake the sheet to help the bottom of the sheet to lay naturally.

Step 2: Grab the Third and Fourth Corner

Next, fold the third corner upwards to stretch around the first and second corners. Repeat with the fourth corner. When you are finished, you should have all four fitted corners stretched around the same hand.  

Step 3: Lay the Sheet Flat with Corners at One Edge

After the fitted corners are all together, shake the folded sheet gently to encourage the flat sections of the sheet to fall into place. Lay the entire folded piece onto a flat surface, with the fitted corners faced upward. You should have a rough square with one rounded corner where the fitted edges are.

Step 4: Fold Normally

Next, fold the square normally, with the fitted edges going on the inside of the fold.

Step 5: Pair With Flat Sheet and Pillowcases

To make retrieving sheets easier, store the fitted sheet with the corresponding flat sheet. Fold both sheets to roughly the same size. To make your linen closet clean and organized, consider storing both sheets inside of a half-folded matching pillowcase.

Watch this video from Martha Stewart which shows this process step by step:

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