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Posh + Lavish Mattresses Redefining Luxury in Las Vegas and St. George, UT

A good night’s sleep is fundamental to good health and wellbeing. But if you also want to lay down in luxury, look no further than our Posh+Lavish prestige mattresses. You won’t find a more exquisitely crafted mattress to gently lull you to sleep.

At Best Mattress, we’re proud to offer you one of the most highly-regarded luxury mattress brands in the country. Every aspect of these hand-crafted mattresses is precision-engineered to give you the best sleep, night after night. One look at a Posh+Lavish mattress and you’ll see the care, dedication, and passion that go into each mattress.  

Natural Luxury

We’re more aware than ever of how our consumer choices affect our planet. You want products built and sourced with sustainability in mind. But your passion for ecological harmony shouldn’t come at the expense of luxury. Fortunately, Posh+Lavish mattresses are both outstanding in craftsmanship and contain the finest natural components. These include:

  • Oeko-Tex certified natural latex rubber for buoyancy and support.
  • Cotton to help maintain the temperature while also keeping unwanted moisture away from your skin.
  • Ethically-sourced wool, nature’s ultimate insulator. Completely free of boric acid and antimony.
  • Moisture absorbent Tencel fabric. A silky-soft material made from wood pulp that uses nanotechnology to create the ultimate in tactile pleasure and absorbency.

These materials come together to give you luxurious comfort and support, all night long.

Finely Hand-Crafted

Every single Posh+Lavish mattress is hand-crafted to meticulously high standards using the very finest organic materials. The exquisitely embroidered Tencel-faced fabric outer layer gives a subtle assurance of the luxury and elegance contained within. Beneath the surface, a range of components works in harmony to create a luxurious feel.

Sink into the buoyant and subtly supportive upper layer knowing that your mattress the highest standards in skilled craftmanship. With a generous 20-year warranty, you’ll get a great night’s sleep every night for decades to come.

Come Feel for Yourself at Best Mattress in Las Vegas

There are really no words to describe the exquisite look and feel of a Posh+Lavish mattress. Come on down to one of our stores to feel it for yourself. Visit one of our Las Vegas mattress stores. Come see and feel the unparalleled luxury in the company of our friendly and highly-trained team. Click here to find a store near you.

Available Bed Sizes

Twin Bed

39″ X 75″

Twin XL Bed

39″ X 80″

Full Bed

54″ X 75″

Queen Bed

60″ X 80″

King Bed

76″ X 80″

California King Bed

72″ X 84″

Queen Flex Head Bed

60″ X 80″

King Flex Head Bed

76″ X 80″

Cal King Flex Head Bed

72″ X 84″