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Sleep In The Comfort You Deserve With Best Mattress Best Bedsheets

Best Mattress in Las Vegas is a one-stop-shop for all your bedding and comfort needs. Whether you’ve already purchased a mattress with us and are looking to buy some luxury bedsheets or you’re a first-time buyer looking to sleep in comfort, our extensive bedsheet range is sure to have something to offer you for that perfect night’s sleep.

Alongside our bedsheets, we also offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure you have the best night’s sleep possible.

  • Sizes To Suit All Bed Sizes We offer bedsheets in Las Vegas to fit everything from twins to the California king. We also provide split mattress bedsheets to cater to your night’s sleep perfectly.
  • The Entire Package For An Excellent Price – There’s nothing more frustrating than having to pay for pillowcases and sheet covers separately, so we make sure our kit includes all the items you need to prepare your bedsheets.
  • Cutting Edge Comfort – We offer the latest in comfort technology, from precision fits to anti-slipping capabilities to ensure you get the best night’s sleep you can.
  • Outstanding Customer Service – Not sure what bedsheet will match your sleep and comfort needs? Call our friendly team of experts on (877) 759-8155, and we’ll be happy to tell you more about the bedsheets we have on offer.
  • 24/7 Delivery Team – We pride ourselves on our seven-day delivery service, to ensure you have your bedding when you need it. All of our delivery specialists work for Best Mattress, as we trust no one else to give you your high-quality product.

From our unbeatable offers to bedsheets in Las Vegas that cause you to slip off into the deepest night’s sleep, come to our Las Vegas stores to find the best bedding for your needs.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee Or Your Money Beck

Best Mattress knows that you deserve a good night’s sleep with the feel of crisp bed sheets. That’s why we offer our satisfaction guarantee on our products. We also explain every item below to make sure the caliber of each set is available before your purchase.

PureCare Elements Premium Range

PureCare brings you the latest in luxurious comfort with its 100% Tencel, Bamboo, and Modal Sheet range. Each premium sheet can fit an adjustable mattress from a twin XL through to cal king. Got a split mattress? Not a problem, PureCare can tailor perfectly to your needs. With an additional 4 inch flat sheet, there’s enough room to fit every mattress.

Each PureCare premium set contains Precision-Fit™ corners for a crisp fit so you can sleep through the night without your bedsheets coming loose. Each sheet is coupled with an elastic cuff that molds to the shape of your mattress, securing sheets firmly throughout the night. There’s nothing more frustrating than dozing off only to find that your bedsheets in Las Vegas are a tangled mess. PureCare premium Elements keeps your bed neat so you can sleep restfully. 

Each pack contains a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases (one for a twin or twin XL) with antimicrobial silver chloride on all items to prevent bacteria and mildew. The technology keeps your sheets fresher and free from deterioration, stains, or any odors that would otherwise stop your soothing sleep.

PureCare Elements 100% Tencel™ 

PureCare Elements 100% Tencel™ sheets offer the latest in comfort, with an exceptionally smooth sleep surface botanically crafted from raw wood pulp. Ultra-smooth and extra soft due to the sateen weave, this soothing set comes in pure white, dove grey or light blue. The Tencel™ lyocell fibers offer improved breathability, gentleness against the skin and a cool touch.

PureCare Elements 100% Bamboo

PureCare Elements Bamboo sheets combine lush bamboo rayon with long-staple cotton for a night of deep and high-quality sleep. Woven in soft sateen for a calm and crisp feel, the sheets have colors ranging from exquisite ivory through to subtle sage, for a choice of five colors (white, sand and dove grey also available). Bamboo is excellent for retaining body temperature while you sleep, preventing you from sudden fluctuations that might otherwise wake you up.

PureCare Elements Modal 

PureCare Elements Modal offers a unique blend of premium long-staple cotton alongside patented Lenzing MODAL™ technology. An excellent eco-alternative to cotton, Modal sheets have no carbon footprint and are smooth and supple to adjust to your body during the night. Made from European Beech Trees, the finish is twice as soft as cotton to ensure you have a good night’s sleep on your bedsheets in Las Vegas.

All the PureCare range come with the option to buy additional pillowcases in each material listed above. The pillowcase acts as a secure envelope to contain your pillows and make sure they don’t slip out during the night. 

Fabritech Sleep Kits and Bedding

Fabritech has the upper-hand on wrinkle-free comfort, with twill microfiber weaving to ensure you can have the best night’s sleep. Microfiber is a dream to clean to avoid any annoying stains or odors from tarnishing the fabric. The material is ultrasoft, meaning you can drift off into a calm and relaxed night. 

Microfiber Sheet Sets

The Fabritech microfiber sheet sets contain a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases (one for twin and twin XL). The twill weave provides breathability to keep your bedsheets in Las Vegas and your body temperature cool throughout the night. Whether you’re sleeping through a blazing summer night or a chilly winter one, the temperature-adjustments of the microfiber help you regulate your body temperature for longer. 

If you feel like you’d love that extra level of luxury, why not purchase the Luxury Microfiber Sheet Set for extra comfort, value for money, and durability. Buy extra pillowcases as needed with the Luxury Microfiber Pillowcase Set to enhance your night’s sleep.

Fabritech 100% Cotton Sheet Set

Fabritech’s deluxe cotton sleep set is 100% cotton finish with sateen weave comfort. Available on all mattress sizes up to 18 inches deep for full adjustability and split mattress options. The supple feel of the finish is designed to provide you with a restful night’s sleep. The breathable bedsheets in Las Vegas come with Precision Fit™ technology and flat and fitted sheets, along with two pillowcases (one for twin and twin XL) for all-round cotton comfort throughout your night. Purchase some additional pillow covers with the 100% Cotton Pillowcase Set.

600TC Blend Sheets

600TC blend sheets combine classic cotton comfort with wrinkle-free polyester technology. The double-sided dual weaving technique provides a full-color cotton sheet for sleep-comfort and a polyester underside that allows for an elastic wrinkle-free tuck in so your sheets don’t shift in the night. The extra-deep pockets and elasticity ensure perfect placement while the smooth cotton surface will provide you with an excellent night’s sleep.

The full set includes one flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and four full pillowcases for a comprehensive collection. This 600 thread count is the perfect combination of 45% polyester and 55% cotton for all the elasticity and durability of polyester alongside the supple breathability and softness of cotton. Choose from classic white, subtle ivory, demure driftwood, or calming ash for the right color for your bedsheets in Las Vegas. 

Related Products To Optimize Your Sleep By Best Mattress

If you want to combine a set of PureCare sheets with a Sub-0 Replenish Pillow, our related products on the site will signpost the best combination of bedsheets and pillows to create a night’s sleep that will leave you waking up refreshed. Our handy Bedding Accessories navigation panel allows you to choose everything extra from a mattress topper to a perfect pillow to send you off to sleep. If you’re not sure what products will optimize your night’s sleep, give us a call on (877) 759-8155, and our sleep experts will be able to advise you on the right product for your mattress.

What should I be looking for in bedsheets in Las Vegas?

Best Mattress takes pride in providing our customers with the best night’s sleep possible. That’s why we’ve carefully curated a mix of patented technology and guaranteed comfort bedsheets to suit your needs. We’ve gone into some more detail on our fabric types to ensure you know what the best fit for you will be:

  • Tencel™ – Tencel™ is a branded lyocell fabric that is created in an environmentally sustainable way from raw wood pulp. Tencel™ fabrics have particular properties that make the material gentle on your skin and particularly soft and comfortable. The material is designed for long-lasting softness and durability.
  • Bamboo – softer than cotton, bamboo is more comfortable than traditional bedding due to its breathability. Bamboo bedding is good at adjusting to your body temperature throughout the seasons for cool and crisp freshness.
  • Lenzing MODAL™ – Lenzing has been producing Modal fibers for over 50 years. Comfort specialists were aiming to improve on cotton by creating a more durable and softer texture, with greater sustainability. The result is an extremely eco-friendly and supple material with zero carbon footprint.
  • Microfiber – Microfibers are made up of very finely weaved fibers that provide optimum comfort, but also cleanability and durability. We provide optimum breathability by using a twill weave so your temperature can adjust throughout the night. 
  • Cotton – The classic cozy comfort, cotton bed sheets are the traditional and effective method for keeping cool in summer and staying warm in winter. Crisp, fresh and a constant bedsheet companion, cotton gives you the ultimate good night’s sleep.
  • Blend – Polyester has extreme elasticity, which is why we combine a polyester undersheet with a top layer cotton sheet to combine durability with comfort and a good fit. 

As well as the fabric, considering the fit of the product will ensure that you don’t find yourself frustrated by poorly fitting, wrinkled, and loose material. All of our bedsheets in Las Vegas come with either Precision Fit™ or deep elastic pockets to ensure there’s no slippage of material, and you can have a quality night’s sleep.

Why Are High-Quality Bedsheets So Important?

As we spend over 30% of our life sleeping, good quality bedsheets are an essential component of getting a good night’s sleep. Good quality bedsheets are crucial for: 

  • Both keeping warm in winter and staying cool in the summer with breathable fabrics
  • Ensuring comfort through all-natural, soft and supple fibers and material weaves
  • Purchasing durable fabrics that won’t rip and will stay fresher and cleaner for longer
  • Getting the right fit for your mattress so your bedding is fixed in place for longer 
  • Buying eco-friendly products that minimize carbon footprint and ensure sustainability
  • Optimizing the color scheme in your room, with contrasting and complementary mixes

Our 120 Day Sleep Guarantee

If you have owned your mattress for longer than 30 days and you aren’t happy with your set, Best Mattress is glad to exchange your mattress for 120 days from the date of purchase. Please see our full terms & conditions here.

About Best Mattress

Best Mattress provides almost three decades of sleep expertise, from the best mattress to the best bedsheets, pillows, and bed frames. Our leading sleep specialist and owner, Dave Mizrahi, is continuously adding to his portfolio of precision-fit and unbeatable comfort products. 

We’re on hand seven days a week for you, whether it’s answering an inquiry or getting a mattress to you. All of our delivery teams are in-house employees, as we only trust the best to provide the service you deserve. We are a local business committed to community outreach, from helping residents get that all-important forty winks to charity work and support. 

Find your nearest store today or give us a call on (877) 759-8155 so our unparalleled customer service team can help you with your bedsheets in Las Vegas purchase.