Stearns & Foster Bases In Las Vegas & St. George, Utah

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Stearns and Foster are one of the best high quality mattress brands out there and Best Mattress is proud to stock their products. They offer a wide range of traditional spring, foam, and hybrid mattresses that are firm favorites with our customers. All of their mattresses, from the budget Estate range all the way up to the high end Reserve range, use a combination of IntelliCoil technology and Indulge Memory foam. This revolutionary form of memory foam was developed for Steans and Foster by Tempur-Pedic and is unrivaled by any other memory foam products on the market. 

Stearns and Foster have 173 years of experience in the mattress industry and they take the utmost care to ensure that all of their products meet their high quality standards. If you are looking for a good quality mattress to improve your sleep, you can be sure that you will find it with Stearns and Foster. 

However, a mattress is only as good as the foundation that you put it on, and neglecting the mattress foundation is one of the biggest mistakes that people make when creating a sleeping system. If you are finding it hard to sleep or you are getting a lot of aches and pains in the night, it may be the case that your mattress needs to be replaced. But it could also be the foundation that needs to be replaced or possibly even both because they do not work well together. It’s important that you consider the foundation and the mattress together, rather than thinking of them as separate parts. If you want to get the best out of your Stearns and Foster mattress, you should also be looking for a Stearns & Foster Base in Las Vegas as well. At Best Mattress, we can help you to decide which base is best for your mattress so you get the best out of it. 

Why Are Foundations Important? 

You may be wondering why foundations are so important when choosing a mattress and why you can’t just put the mattress directly onto the bed frame. The main reason that they’re so important is that they improve the longevity of your mattress. Over time, your mattress will begin to sag in the middle and when this happens, it is no longer supporting you properly. This is why people experience back pain when they are sleeping on an old mattress because their spine is not sufficiently supported. But if you buy a Stearns & Foster Base in Las Vegas and put it underneath your mattress, it will absorb a lot of that weight and stop the mattress from sagging so quickly. It is for this reason that most manufacturers require you to have a foundation in place for the warranty to be valid. 

The right foundation will also help to improve your sleep by distributing weight evenly. When you sleep, the areas of your body that are in contact with the mattress like your back and shoulders will take a lot of the weight. A memory foam mattress can relieve that pressure and distribute the weight more evenly, and a good foundation will do the same. If you find that you often wake up in the morning with aches and pains, it may be the case that you need a better mattress foundation. 

Foundations are a better choice than box springs for a lot of modern mattress types. If you are using a foam mattress or an air mattress, box springs do not always give you the firm support that you need and your mattress is likely to sag. But a solid foundation will be able to support these softer mattress types effectively. However, if you are using a traditional spring mattress with no foam component, box springs are a better choice. The box springs move with the springs in the mattress, giving a more cushioned feel to a firm spring mattress. 

If you are looking for a more cost effective option, foundations are best because they tend to be quite a lot cheaper than box springs, which is why they are often included with the mattress. It is far more cost effective to buy a Stearns & Foster Base in Las Vegas along with the mattress, rather than buying the components of your bed separately. 

Different Types Of Mattress Foundation 

Before you buy a mattress foundation, it is important that you understand what the different types are so you can choose the right one for your mattress. If you are unsure, we can help you find the right Stearns & Foster Base in Las Vegas at the Best Mattress store. 

A lot of modern mattresses are taller than traditional spring ones because they are multi-layered, especially hybrid ones that contain springs and memory foam. This means that you will often need a low profile mattress foundation so you can still get in and out of the bed easily and the aesthetic is not affected. 

If you are using a foam mattress, you will need a foam foundation for it as well because a solid foundation with a wooden frame and tight springs will be too firm. If you are using a hybrid mattress, you can use a box spring foundation or a platform foundation, which works for most mattress types. 

Our range of Stearns and Fosters mattresses are relatively firm and use the IntelliCoil system, so a foam foundation is not suited to them. If you want to get the most out of your new mattress, you should opt for a Stearns & Foster Base in Las Vegas. 

Why Best Mattress? 

Here at Best Mattress we understand the importance of finding the right foundation and creating a full sleep system. As well as helping you to find the perfect Stearns and Foster mattress, we will help you find the right Stearns & Foster Base in Las Vegas to pair with it. This will ensure that you always get the best support from your mattress. It will also avoid premature sagging and help your mattress last a lot longer. 

If you are looking for a Stearns & Foster Base in Las Vegas, get yourself down to Best Mattress today and we can help you out.