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Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

Twin 38″ X 75″
Twin XL 38″ X 80″
Full 54″ X 75″
Queen 60″ X 80″
King 76″ X 80″
California King 72″ X 84″
Mattress sizes and dimensions for King bed, Queen bed, Full bed, Twin bed

Twin Mattress

Twin size mattress dimensions

Twin mattresses are great for kids and smaller bedrooms. They can also be used for bunk beds. You can get a twin mattress with a solid bed frame or upgrade to an adjustable base.

Dimensions: 38″ x 75″

Twin XL Mattress

Twin XL size mattress dimensions

Twin XL mattresses work well for taller individuals and for adjustable bases. When you upgrade to a split King dual adjustable bed, two twin XL mattresses side-by-side is great for personalized comfort. Two twin XL mattresses side-by-side are the same width as a regular king mattress.

Dimensions: 38″ x 80″ (compared to twin mattress: width: +0″, height: +5″)

Full-size Mattress

Full size mattress dimensions

Full-size mattresses are great for guest beds and rooms with a little more space. Adults and teenagers love full-size beds because they allow for plenty of room to spread out. Upgrade to an adjustable bed base for amazing comfort.

Dimensions: 54″ x 75″ (compared to a twin mattress: width: +16″, height: +5″)

Queen-size Mattress

Queen size mattress dimensions
Queen-size mattresses are great for couples who like to be close. They are also great for guest beds or for those that want a little extra space to themselves. Queen-size mattresses look great in medium-size bedrooms and can be upgraded with an adjustable bed base.

Dimensions: 60″ x 80″ (compared to a full mattress: width: +6″, height: +5″)

King-size Mattress

King size mattress dimensions

King-size mattresses are the widest mattress and best suited for larger rooms. A couple sharing a bed may prefer a king mattress if they like to cuttle, but need more space to sleep. A king mattress works great with an adjustable base.

Dimensions: 76″ x 80″ (compared to a queen mattress: width: +16″, height: +0″)

California King Mattress

California King size mattress dimensions

A California King-size mattress is longer but not as wide as a regular king mattress. These mattresses are also better suited for larger rooms where you may want more space on either side of your bed. California king mattresses are perfect for taller people and work great with an adjustable base.

Dimensions: 72″ x 84″ (compared to a king mattress: width: -4″, height: +4″)

There are a lot of different mattress sizes out there, which can become overwhelming for someone who doesn’t know which size to go with. If you’re shopping for a mattress, it’s important to determine which mattress size fits perfectly onto your bed to avoid sleep or posture issues.

We usually get a lot of questions from customers who want to know the right bed size for them or their children, or the best mattress size for a guest bedroom. If you’re in the market for a mattress and don’t know which size to go with, this blog will help with that.

Mattress Sizes in Dimensions

There are six main sizes of mattresses in the market, with the smallest size being the Twin and the largest, the California King. However, this guide will look at three of the most popular ones, the queen size, the king size, and the twin size.

Twin Size Mattress

The twin size mattress measures 38×75 inches and is an excellent choice for children and single adults under 6 feet tall. You can use twin-size mattresses for bunk beds. They are also great for anyone looking to save on space in their kids’ rooms. The twin size mattress is also an affordable choice, it is easy to move, and its accessories and bed frames are easily accessible.

Queen Size Mattress

The queen-size mattress measures 60×80 inches and is a perfect choice for couples who like to snuggle. Unlike the twin size mattress, the queen size offers enough room to cuddle and turn around. It’s also a great acquisition for couples who are expecting a new baby as there’s plenty of room for two adults and a toddler. It’s also easier to move, and its accessories are easily available.

King Size Mattress

The king-size mattress measures 76×80 inches. Due to its maximum width, it’s an excellent choice for couples who love to cuddle but prefer to have more room to move around at night. The king-size mattress can accommodate up to 4 people making it a perfect choice for family snuggles. It fits nicely into a spacious bedroom and covers your bedroom with warmth and coziness as well as an additional elegance.

How To Determine the Best Mattress Size for You

Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position plays a huge role in your mattress size. Back and stomach sleepers typically sleep fully extended and therefore need plenty of legroom as opposed to side sleepers who need more side-to-side space. A couple with one or two side sleepers may prefer at least a Queen-size mattress.

Your Height

People under 6 feet typically have enough legroom with any mattress size. However, those over 6 feet tall might benefit more from getting a mattress at least 80 inches long. Tall back or stomach sleepers may prefer a twin XL or Queen mattress for a single sleeper or a California King for a couple. There are also mattresses in sizes Full XL and Queen XL.

Bedroom Space

How big or small is your room? If you don’t have enough space for a large bed, you might want to go a size down to prevent the room from feeling and looking cramped. We recommend allowing about 24 inches of space around your bed for a free-flowing space.


Buying a new mattress is a huge decision. You, therefore, need to ensure that the bed is versatile enough to last as long as possible. If you’re buying a new mattress for a child, consider getting a size up to accommodate their growth. If you’re buying your bed as a single person, get a size up to accommodate any future partners.

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