Purple Bed Frames

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Purple is one of the top brands in all things sleep, from mattresses to sleep accessories. However, the company also manufactures a first-class lineup of bed frames. Anything that can help people get a good nights’ sleep, Purple makes it.

While the average person might not realize how important a quality bed frame is to improving sleep, trying any of these bed frames will help show them otherwise.

What to Expect From Purple Bed Frames?

There are a few qualities that unify the whole lineup of Purple bed frames. For instance, they’re each remarkably strong and can support thousands of pounds of weight. It ensures that the frames will be resilient to jumping children and can support individuals with special needs.

Another key advantage of Purple’s bed frame lineup is that they’re more affordable than most other top-quality bed frames. This comes down to their innovative composite design—the whole frame can ship to your home. Anyone can set up a Purple bed frame, as the process is simple and requires no special tools.

Finally, you can count on all of the unique touches that make these beds uniquely Purple. All of them have a stylish, classical look that can bring out the beauty in every bedroom.

Besides functionality, there’s no doubt that style is an essential part of any major bedroom purchase, and Purple bed frames deliver. However, there are also functional touches such as polypropylene joint buffers that prevent the composite design from squeaking to the extent that other home assembly bed frames do.

Purple Bed Frame

Everything that makes the Purple Platform Bed Frame so excellent is just as present in the Purple Bed Frame, if not more so. The strength of the frame can comfortably hold up to 2,000 pounds, and it has the same simple construction as the Purple Platform.

It has 7.5 inches of storage space, improves the sleep experience with high-density polyethylene support slats, and has a uniquely beautiful look. Grey upholstery and tapered wooden legs add a subtle, intellectual touch to the bedroom and match well with any decor. This is a wonderful choice of bed frame for adults, particularly couples.

Purple Ascent Adjustable Base

If you want the most exclusive, high-end results in terms of deep sleep and quality results, look no further than the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base. It incorporates the latest sleep technology to provide customizable, dynamic settings that can help improve your sleep as no other bed frame can. While it sacrifices the modular design of the other Purple bed frames and supports 750 pounds rather than 2,000, these are small prices to pay.

The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base offers customizable adjustments and preconfigured settings with the ability to accommodate the head, feet, and other parts of the body. Not to mention, it’s an ideal setting for remote work as you can configure it to support a sitting position.

With settings to help maintain body alignment and reduce snoring, the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base is truly one of the best bed frames on the market. It’s a wonderful choice for couples with anti-snoring features, independently adjustable settings, and two USB outlets on either end of the frame.

Try Purple Products with Best Mattress in Las Vegas and St. George, UT

At Best Mattress, we believe in the high-quality mattresses and bedding accessories we stock from Purple. Furthermore, the manufacturers themselves believe in the high-tech sleep technology they produce. As such, you can count on numerous guarantees and protections to ensure that you find value and satisfaction in your purchase.

First, there’s the 120-day guarantee. If at any point in the first 120 days after buying your Purple bedframe you find you’re unsatisfied, you can return it. We will do everything we can to make you happy with your purchase.

Besides designing products fit to please consumers, Purple also makes products that are built to last. The warranty protects your Purple bedframe for 10 years from the date you purchase it.

Furthermore, you can talk to us about the financing plans we have available to make purchasing this and other Purple products easy for you.  Come by Best Mattress to sleep better and live better.