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Established in 1846, Stearns and Foster has been around for 173 years. G.S. Stearns and Seth Foster were business partners who founded the Stearns and Foster brand name. Originally, their business was in manufacturing upholstery for horse drawn carriages. Stearns developed a new process for cotton bunting, which influenced Seth to promptly involve the company in the mattress business. Soon, their products were being featured by high end retailers. In 1983, Stearns and Foster was purchased by Sealy mattress company who now offers Stearns and Foster as their high end line of mattresses. Stearns and Foster continue to offer the best products from skilled craftsmen who use a higher standard of quality and ingenuity. Stearns and Foster mattresses continue to utilize artists and craftsmen in the design and execution of their mattress lines which gives their brand an exclusive artisanal quality that is rare in the mattress industry today. Best mattress of Las Vegas is proud to carry Stearns and Foster luxury mattresses. There are four lines of luxury options available from Stearns and Foster, each bestows the Stearns and Foster distinctive features that make it such a timeless choice.In addition to quality, style and luxury, the Stearns and Foster collections offer their patented IntelliCoil, Indulge Memory Foam and a few of their collections are available to be placed on adjustable bed platforms.


The estate line offers classic comfort with affordable options. With an Estate mattress, you’ll get the Stearns and Foster signature IntelliCoil technology and Indulge Memory Foam, which was specifically formulated for Stearns and Foster by the scientists at Tempur-Pedic.

Lux Estate

With the Lux Estate collection, you’ll find luxury comfort with upholstery-grade fabrics that stand the test of time. These mattresses are also endowed with the exclusive Indulge HD Memory Foam and IntelliCoil HD which provides responsive comfort. This option comes in the additional choices of firm, plush or ultra firm and pillow top in firm, plush or extra firm as well. The Lux Estate is available to be placed on an adjustable bed platform.

Lux Estate Hybrid

The hybrid option offers the dual comfort of Indulge Memory Foam and IntelliCoil which harmonize to bring you amazing comfort. This option can be placed on a double sided adjustable platform. The Lux Estate Hybrid offers cushion firm, plush or ultra plush.


The reserve collection is the highest manifestation of craftsmanship and quality Stearns and Foster has to offer. The craftsmen at Stearns and Foster designed a whole new process of mattress making in order to fulfil their vision of this one of a kind design. With Indulge HD Memory Foam, IntelliCoil and Micro HD Layer, the Reserve line is sure to be a one of a kind sleep experience. There are additional options such as firm, plush and pillow top plush.
Whatever your sleeping needs, we are confident in the quality and durability of Stearns and Foster mattresses. Come try a Stearns and Foster bed at Best Mattress today and feel the quality and luxury for yourself. If you’re looking for a unique, handcrafted and quality feel, the Stearns and Foster mattress collection might be exactly what you’re looking for. This brand has stood the test of time and will continue to combine ingenuity, craftsmanship and luxury. If you have any questions about the Stearns and Foster collections, please see one of our sleep experts who can help you find the perfect night’s sleep.