Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Firm Euro Pillow Top MattressStearns & Foster Lux Estate Firm Euro Pillow Top Mattress

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Firm Euro Pillow Top Mattress

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Our Stearns & Foster® Lux Estate Collection provides an elevated level of comfort and support, with the added benefit of features to help keep you cool, all night long.  Lux Estate Collection The Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Collection provides an elevated level of comfort and support of combining our exclusive TEMPUR-Indulge Memory Foam for enhanced pressure relief and supportive IntelliCoil innersprings with latex for durability, while an enhanced cool-to-the-touch cover and additional ventilation throughout the mattress help keep you cool all night long. Construction: Euro Pillow Top. Feel: Firm.

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76″ X 80″
Split Cal King
72″ X 84″
Cal King
72″ X 84″
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Features of the Stearns & Foster® Lux Estate Firm Euro Pillow Top Mattress

Indulge in cooling comfort with the Stearns and Foster Lux Estate Firm Euro Pillow Top mattress. As a premium model, it delivers conforming cushioning and tailored support for restorative sleep.

16-Inch Firm-Feel Mattress

Intellicoil® Innersprings with PrecisionEdge™ Support

The support core holds over a thousand premium steel coils in Stearns and Foster’s IntelliCoil system. The coils move independently to align your spine and relieve tension in a customized manner tailored to your body. Strategic ventilation allows constant airflow to keep you cool. The reinforced edges provide full-perimeter stability without sagging so you can sleep across the entire mattress surface. The 16” profile works with deep pocket sheet sets.

TEMPUR-Indulge™ Memory Foam Comfort Layers

Contouring comfort comes from the memory foam layer by Tempur-Pedic. This proprietary NASA-developed foam cushions areas like the hips and shoulders by conforming closely. It distributes your weight to relieve pressure points and reduce motion transfer. The buoyant latex foam layer adds resilience and responsiveness. Together, these materials provide cushioning comfort and prevent you from bottoming out.

Supportive Latex Comfort Layers

Provides a perfect combination of pressure relief, durability, and a uniquely weightless, supported feel.

Sustainably-Sourced Premium TENCEL® Cover with Cooling Fibers

A key feature of the Lux Estate Firm Euro Pillow Top is its advanced cooling components. The quilted cover incorporates Tencel fibers and other cooling materials to create a chill-to-the-touch feel when you first lie down. Tencel comes from sustainably harvested eucalyptus pulp and feels exceptionally smooth. Under the cover, a Euro-style pillow top provides plush cushioning while allowing increased airflow. The mattress also contains latex foam and gel memory foam infused with cooling gels. Additional ventilation in the coil system pulls heat away from the body throughout the night. With so many advanced cooling elements, the Lux Estate Firm Euro Pillow Top helps you sleep cooler and more comfortably.

Handmade by Certified Master Craftsman

Hand-Layered Luxury. Our encased innersprings offer stability and support while also reducing motion transfer, so you’ll feel less movement from your partner throughout the night.

Available in sizes from twin XL to split California king, the Lux Estate Firm Euro Pillow Top suits any bedroom. For added plushness, choose the Lux Estate Plush Euro Pillow Top. All Stearns and Foster mattresses undergo meticulous hand-crafting at their US factories by certified artisans. This ensures the Lux Estate Firm Euro Pillow Top provides lasting comfort and cooling.

Advanced Cooling Technology

A key benefit of the Lux Estate Firm Euro Pillow Top is its advanced cooling components to maintain an ideal sleep temperature. It starts with the tailored cover made from moisture-wicking Tencel. Derived from eucalyptus pulp, Tencel fabric creates a cool-to-the-touch feel against your skin. The Euro-style pillow top allows increased airflow to pull heat away from your body.

The foam layers include both latex and gel memory foam infused with temperature-regulating gel. The buoyant latex offers plenty of airflow while the gel memory foam prevents heat buildup. The coil support core also enhances breathability through its ventilated design. Additional cooling features like the chill-to-the-touch cover and external air vents work together to keep you comfortably cool all night long. With so many integrated cooling elements, the Lux Estate Firm Euro Pillow Top promotes deeper, more refreshing sleep.

Luxurious Materials

As a premium Stearns and Foster mattress, the Lux Estate Firm Euro Pillow Top contains only the finest materials. It starts with the tailored cover made from Tencel fabric for advanced cooling. Tencel fibers come from sustainably harvested eucalyptus wood pulp. The exceptionally soft cover feels silky smooth against your skin while pulling heat and moisture away from your body.

In the comfort layer, a Euro-style pillow top provides plush, breathable cushioning. It contains both buoyant latex foam and gel-infused memory foam to contour to your shape while remaining cool. The memory foam comes from Tempur-Pedic and conforms closely to relieve pressure. At the core is an IntelliCoil support system with over a thousand resilient yet responsive coils. Strategically ventilated coils allow constant airflow. Together, these indulgent materials deliver cooling comfort and support all night long.

Handcrafted Quality

As an American heritage brand, Stearns and Foster takes great pride in the handcrafted quality of their mattresses. The Lux Estate Firm Euro Pillow Top is meticulously constructed by certified artisans at their US-based factories. They carefully layer the foam and coils by hand using premium materials. This precision ensures optimal comfort, support and cooling performance. The mattress passes a 13-point quality inspection before leaving the factory. With generations perfecting their craft, Stearns and Foster’s handmade quality ensures the Lux Estate Firm Euro Pillow Top provides luxury comfort night after night.

180 Years of Heritage

With almost two centuries of legacy, Stearns and Foster has a long tradition of mattress-making excellence. They produced their first mattress in 1846 and continue to make the finest beds money can buy. While utilizing modern innovations like memory foam and ventilated coils, Stearns and Foster maintains their heritage of handcrafted quality. Each mattress receives meticulous construction by certified artisans. When you choose Stearns and Foster, you own a small piece of American sleep history and their tradition of luxury craftsmanship.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

The Lux Estate Firm Euro Pillow Top mattress comes backed by Stearns and Foster’s excellent sleep trial and warranty. Their 90-night home trial lets you adjust to the mattress for 30 nights then contact them if you’re unsatisfied. They also provide a 10-year limited warranty covering defects in materials and manufacturing. With over a century of expertise crafting indulgent mattresses, you can trust Stearns and Foster to deliver lasting quality and comfort. Give yourself the restorative sleep you deserve with the cooling luxury of the Stearns and Foster Lux Estate Firm Euro Pillow Top.

Give the Stearns & Foster® Lux Estate – Firm Euro Pillow Top mattress a try at one of our many mattress stores in Las Vegas and St. George or shop online.

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