Sleep Tip #6 National Napping Day

  It’s National Napping Day!   After the dreaded Daylights Savings, that happened yesterday, you can catch up on that hour of sleep you lost! We are Best Mattress think it was intentional to make today Nap Day because all of us struggled to get up this morning! So with that in mind; our Sleep Tip #6 for today is to take a nap! And … Continued

Sleep Tip #5 Better Sleep Month

As was mentioned on KTNV this morning: Today’s sleep tip could help you improve your sleep patterns by following a few simple steps.  Something that we ask of you, which is more than likely the reason you are on our blog. So we ask; are you struggling to maintain a restful night’s sleep? As was mentioned in our last Sleep Tip, you should consider changing … Continued

Sleep Tip #4 Leap Day

It’s Leap Day! Make it count!   Today is Leap Day! It only happens once every 4 years, and many of us at Best Mattress like to call it SLEEP DAY!  How will you be spending your extra 24 hours?  Perhaps catching up on some much needed sleep?  Well, for our 4th sleep tip, we want to give you two ways to create better sleep … Continued

Sleep Tip #3

The Better Sleep Council (BSC) aims to raise awareness about the benefits of better sleep and how poor sleep can disrupt our lives.  Best Mattress agrees with the BSC in the pursuit of a quality night’s sleep.  We believe that the BSC would agree with us and the Mayo Clinic’s study which recommends that the first thing you should do to get better sleep is … Continued

How Do I Keep A Sleep Log?

Are You Not Sleeping Well? Try Keeping A Sleep Log! Few things are more frustrating than not getting a good night’s sleep. In addition to throwing off your morning, waking up tired can also make it difficult to drive safely and concentrate at work. In fact, one survey found that a whopping 45% of Americans said that poor sleep affected their daily activities during the previous … Continued

Sleep Tip #2 President’s Day

Happy President’s Day From Best Mattress!   If you were lucky enough to enjoy a three-day weekend for President’s Day, you might have taken the time to sleep in or treat yourself to an afternoon siesta. We all love a good nap, especially if we haven’t felt like we have been getting enough sleep. Something that may not always be known, but improving your sleep … Continued

Sleep Tip #1 American Heart Month

  February is American Heart Month. It is recognized each year to remind us all to keep our hearts healthy and happy! All of us at Best Mattress want to ensure you have a great quality of life, and sleep is a major part of that. Did you know a better night’s sleep can lead to a healthier heart? According to a 2011 study by … Continued

When do I rotate my mattress?

When Should I Rotate My Mattress?

Some people don’t realize that mattresses wear out over time and need to be replaced. However, there are things that you can do to increase the lifetime of your mattress. One of the techniques to extend your mattress’ life expectancy is to rotate it every so often. A new mattress should ideally be rotated every three months. However, if you begin to feel your mattress … Continued