A Serta for My Dog?

Here at Best Mattress Las Vegas, we believe in offering superior mattress products for your entire family–even your dog. For this reason, we have partnered with Serta to bring you some of the most elite dog beds on the market. Here are some of the incredible benefits of Serta dog beds. Built To Last Serta knows how hard pets can be on their beds, which … Continued

Serta Adjustable Bases: Which Fits Your Needs?

Every person is different, which is why so many people fall in love with Serta adjustable mattress bases. With convenient, personalized options and a wide range of movement, Serta adjustable mattress bases create a truly unique and customizable sleeping surface. Best Mattress is proud to offer a selection of Serta adjustable bedframes. Motion Essentials™ II Bedframe The Motion Essentials™ II Bedframe is designed for the … Continued

Sleep Tip #19: The Benefits of a Good Night’s Rest

Most people know they need a certain amount of sleep each night–usually 7.5 to 9 hours for a healthy adult–but what happens if you don’t get enough? Sleep is the way that your body and mind recharge themselves, and the benefits are major. Sleep helps you concentrate and makes it easier to form memories, so it keeps your mind running at its best. And your … Continued

SmartMotion Adjustable Bases: Which Fits Your Needs?

We don’t all have the same body or the same schedule. So why settle for the same bed? The SmartMotion adjustable base allows you to lay down each night in a bed as unique as you are. SmartMotion offers three different models, which let you set specifications to give you your best sleep ever. SmartMotion 1.0 SmartMotion’s most basic bedframe features basic adjustability for head … Continued

A Great Pillow To Go With Your Great Mattress

While a mattress provides you with the foundation you’ll need to have a good night’s sleep, it’s only one piece of the sleep puzzle. Having a great pillow to go along with your great mattress is also important as it enhances the entire experience. At Best Mattress, we’d like to show you our amazing selection of pillows that can help you sleep more deeply and … Continued

Adjustable bed

What Mattress Should I Use on My Adjustable Bed?

Were you in pain when you got out of bed, this morning? If so, an adjustable bed might be the answer to your problem! However, you’ll need to consider more than just the bed frame. Selecting the right mattress is essential. When choosing a mattress for an adjustable bed, look for flexibility, durability, support, and – of course! – comfort. Memory Foam Mattresses A memory … Continued

A few moments before bed to relax will help you transition into sleep.

Sleep Tip #18: Clear Your Mind

After a stressful, action-packed day, our brains need some time to catch up and to put things in order before we’re ready to fall asleep. Clearing your head is key to a good night of sleep. Simply taking 15 minutes to sit quietly, meditate, pray, or do rhythmic breathing can allow your mind to slow down enough to sleep through the night. For more information on … Continued

Staying cool will help you sleep more deeply.

Sleep Tip #17: Keep Cool While Sleeping

In this summer heat, it’s important to keep your bedroom at an ideal temperature for sleep. Both heat and cold can mess with your sleep. Temperatures above 75 degrees and below 54 degrees are the most disruptive. Studies say to aim for somewhere between 60 & 67 degrees Fahrenheit. This powerful sleep tool is often overlooked, and can help you get the rest you need throughout the summer. … Continued

Do I Need a Mattress Cover?

Do You Need a Mattress Cover?

You’ve just bought a brand-new mattress, maybe a new bed frame, and probably some new sheets, blankets and pillows. Your sleep experience is about to change. There’s just one question you’ve likely forgotten to ask yourself: Do you need a mattress cover? To answer that question, we need to first tackle what a mattress cover actually is. A mattress cover is an extra bit of … Continued

For the best sleep, get comfortable.

Sleep Tip #16: Sleep Comfortably

You will always sleep better on a comfortable mattress and pillows. Make sure the mattress you’re sleeping on is supportive and has not exceeded its life expectancy (about 8-10 years for most quality mattresses). Have comfortable pillows under your head. Also, keep your bedroom attractive and clutter-free, as well as making sure it’s free of allergens that might affect you. For more information on better sleep, read … Continued