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8 Reasons to Upgrade to an Adjustable Bed


Split King Dual Adjustable Bed in a bedroom

Getting a good night’s sleep comes with many fantastic advantages that are often underappreciated or overlooked. But if you’re going to upgrade your bed to take advantage of those benefits, it might make sense to consider all of the different bed options available to you.

One of the more unique bed options available is an adjustable bed. While this sounds like an expensive luxury, it’s actually affordable and offers many advantages that a conventional bed doesn’t. In this post, we’re going to talk about 8 reasons why you should consider upgrading to an adjustable bed.

Personalized Sleeping Positions

The most common sleeping position is the fetal position with around 47% of Americans adopting it. However, there are actually many different sleeping positions and some of us even switch between them throughout the night. In reality, everyone sleeps a little differently and our ideal position depends on a variety of factors.

However, the goal for most people is to find a sleeping position that is comfortable and doesn’t cause aches when they wake up. Finding the right position can be difficult and it’s hard to maintain the same position throughout the night on a regular bed. With an adjustable bed, you get personalized sleeping positions that will be consistent throughout the night. This helps deal with pains throughout the night and allows for a more consistent and comfortable sleeping pattern.

Improved Circulation

For a good night’s sleep, it’s important to keep the body’s circulatory system in top condition throughout the night. In order to do this, you need to find a position that reduces the amount of pressure across your body to allow for optimal blood flow.

With an adjustable bed, you can fine-tune your sleeping position to ensure that blood flows properly to your heart. An adjustable bed can also help with specific circulation issues because you can adjust the frame for enhanced blood and oxygen flow.

Relieves Back Pain and Pressure on Joints

An adjustable bed allows you to support your spine and alleviate pressure on the sciatic nerve. By matching the contour of your body to the mattress and slanting the head, you relieve compression to your lower back and support the rest of your body. This helps you relieve back pain so you can sleep comfortably at night.

This customization can also help you relieve pressure on joints. If you experience arthritis pain or other joint-related problems, then you can alleviate those issues by positioning your bed and mattress in a way that reduces pressure on those problematic areas. This is achieved by lowering or raising certain areas of the bed to provide added support where your joints are most painful.

Reduces Swelling in Legs

When most people sleep, their body remains in a flat position that allows for fluids to pool up in certain areas of your leg. This can lead to swelling and inflammation, especially if you’re experiencing an illness, have an injured limb, or are pregnant.

An adjustable bed upgrade can help by elevating your legs, putting them in a more comfortable position that prevents the pooling of fluids. This leads to a peaceful night of sleep which is important if you rely on the use of your legs at your workplace or if you’re facing an injury and want to recover faster. Raising your legs in an adjustable bed can also help with conditions such as varicose veins.

Alleviates Acid Reflux (Heartburn)

Sleeping on a full stomach is a common reason for acid reflux at night. This leads to an uncomfortable feeling in your throat throughout the night and when you wake up. However, even people that sleep on an empty stomach can often be affected by acid reflux.

By resting your head on an incline, it can help keep stomach acid from coming up the throat when you sleep. This helps you avoid waking up with acid reflux and can lead to a more comfortable night of sleep.

Reduces Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Sleeping in a flat position causes snoring because your neck puts additional pressure on your windpipe. This causes it to close which causes the snoring noise when you breathe during your sleep.

An adjustable bed can lift your head which alleviates some of this pressure. This can reduce snoring and also alleviates certain breathing problems like sleep apnea. This improved airflow results in more oxygen intake when you sleep, leading to a more comfortable night of sleep and less noise if you’re concerned about snoring.

Helps You Get Out of Bed

Some people may find that it’s difficult to get out of bed from a lying position. This can occur due to your age, an injury, a disability, or even back pain from a bad night of sleep. This makes it difficult to start your day and there are cases where you may need to ask for assistance from someone else.

To remedy this, an adjustable bed can change position even if you’re on it. This allows you to adjust the position to make it easier for you to get out of bed. By adjusting the head position, it’s also possible to create a more comfortable bed position that makes it easier to get on and off the bed without having to adjust it.

Better Night’s Sleep

Ultimately, all of these benefits contribute to a much better night of sleep. A tired or injured body is much easier to support with an adjustable bed. It helps you create better sleeping habits that lead to a healthier mind and body, and can also assist in recovery when facing various illnesses and injuries.

An adjustable bed is often overlooked when it comes to upgrading your bed. Hopefully, this article has shown you some of the unique benefits of an adjustable bed and helped you consider new options when upgrading your bed.