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Knickerbocker Bed Frames: Why We Love Them

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Your sleep is massively important to your health, and your bed is massively important to your sleep and the quality of the rest that you get. If the average person gets eight hours of sleep a night, that means that they spend 26 years of their life asleep and an estimated seven years spent trying to fall asleep. Add that together, and you get a massive 36 years spent in bed! Just looking at those numbers alone, you can see why choosing the right bed is so important, but there is even more to it than that.

It’s not just about the amount of sleep we get either; it’s about the quality too as we all know how rubbish we feel if we haven’t had a good night’s sleep. Whether it’s because you can’t switch off, you have a partner who snores, you’ve spent too long staring at a screen late at night, there’s too much light in your room, you’re too hot, you’re too cold, or you just can’t get comfortable? There could be all sorts of reasons as to why you might find it challenging to get to sleep or feel as though you haven’t had good quality sleep. Still, one of the main reasons for a bad night’s sleep is because you’re not sleeping on the right kind of bed. It’s essential that when you’re looking for bed frames in las vegas, you research thoroughly, you try different beds, and you make sure you get the right mattress and bed frame bed for you. However, there are so many different beds to choose from, it can be tricky to know what to go for.

Do You Want To Sleep Soundly?

There are many bed frames in Las Vegas, and each one is different and offers something unique. The emBrace, which is made with cold-rolled steel from the Jersey Shore Steel Company, is incredibly strong and riveted and will help you to sleep soundly without worrying about things like excess noise. Squeaky metal bed frames can be very disturbing, waking you up in the middle of the night and disturbing you every time you roll over. You don’t have to worry about that with the emBrace or any of the Knickerbocker bed frames we stock. These frames are designed to eliminate bed frame noise altogether, which will help you to sleep soundly. Also, since Knickerbocker bed frames are entirely encased and smooth to touch, they are easy to wipe down and sanitize whenever you need to. Available in all sizes, Knickerbocker bed frames are perfect for children’s rooms, guest rooms, hotels, and even your master suite.

Not only that but the emBrace is stylish and available in black, white, grey, and brown. Featuring a smooth, safe design, the emBrace is covered with a smooth, contoured shell that is warm to the touch and when you’re stumbling around in the dark at night, you won’t need to worry about stubbing your toe and catching yourself on sharp edges.

A Good Night’s Sleep And An Elegant Bedroom

While all our beds look stylish and provide a unique noise-free bed frame, the enGauge features extra-long two-inch high side rails and double angle cross rails made of high carbon steel which give flex-free and no-motion support, and strength. This means that your bed frame supports you in the best way possible and allows you to get the best out of it and the most support and comfort possible.

As a Knickerbocker bed frame, this means that it can be put together in less than a minute, it’s easy to do so you won’t make any mistakes, and you don’t even need to have any experience or tools. What’s more, is that this bed combines both environmentally minded recycling and incredible strength because Knickerbocker bed frames are made from recycled railroad tracks which means that they are superior quality.

Other manufacturers develop bed frames which often support the mattress well in the middle of the bed, but when you sit or lie on the edge of the bed, the frame is not strong enough, and the support gives out. To combat this issue, Knickerbocker has designed bed frames to allow for complete seat edge support, which will not only improve your experience, but it will lengthen the life of your mattress. The enGauge has a 2000 pound weight capacity; you can sleep soundly knowing that you are safely supported.

The unique feature and what sets the enGauge bed frame apart is that it features stylish tapered legs, tailored legs that update the support and look of your bed frame. Just like the emBrace, the enGauge has no sharp edges to catch on or bump into, and it’s designed to stand smoothly and gently on any surface. This means that it won’t ruin your floor, no matter what the surface but also, it makes the bed easy to move when cleaning or merely moving the room around when you want a change.

The Most Popular Bed Frame In America

Don’t worry, you won’t look the same as everyone else, but there is a reason why the Ultima Frame is the most popular bed frame in America. Featuring durable construction and a streamlined design, the Ultima Bed Frame is the perfect addition to any bedroom set. It has been designed to support the entire length of your mattress and means that you to sleep soundly and won’t experience any extra movement or noise. Not only that, but it has a convenient 4-in-1 design which is created with telescoping top and bottom railings that secure with key-locks. You can simply pop the top and bottom rails out of place and slide them out depending on whether you want a twin, double, queen or king-size bed and mattress. The bed frame is also designed so that it is subtle underneath your mattress set, which means that bedding will be the centrepiece of your bedroom.

It’s no wonder this bed is the most popular, with its double-riveted rails the bed offers incredible mattress support as it has six points of contact which minimize the pressure between your mattress frame and your bed. These contact points mean that the bed’s lifespan is extended and even better than that, it will provide a superior level of comfort for you too.

A Bed Which Will Stand The Test Of Time

The Rock Bed Frame is a bed frame in Las Vegas that can stand the test of time. It is a hardened steel bed frame that creates an incredibly sturdy and durable base with six tapered, cushioned feet which are perfect for tile or hardwood and will keep your bed stable as well as protecting your flooring at the same time. The Rock Bed Frame is an economical bed frame option and the perfect bed frame solution for any room in your home.

When you buy a mattress, it is only as good as the frame it is supported by and your mattress set last if it is adequately supported which is why you need a bed frame with decent construction. The Rock Bed Frame has riveted steel construction and six heavy-duty slides which support your weight. It is again, like the others, simple to set up and easy to take apart while offering an incredible amount of support.

Knickerbocker frames are a cut above the competition as the core of each Knickerbocker bed frame contains a highly durable, reinforced steel frame. This frame is carefully rolled, cut, and angled for superior strength and stability, designed to be strong and silent not just for the first few months of owning it, but for many years to come. The Knickerbocker bed frames in Las Vegas feature a patented rail design which has been shown to be twice as strong as traditional iron bed frames, keeping mattresses stable. Also, the steel used in Knickerbocker bed frames is recycled entirely from the Jersey Shore Steel Company, which means that the company is preventing waste and the unnecessary additional impact on the environment.

Why We Love Knickerbocker Bed Frames

All beds mentioned and the bed frames we carry are Knickerbocker bed frames which are cleverly designed to be completely silent, which means that you get to enjoy a quiet, undisturbed and restful sleep.

They are 100% Made In America

We’re also proud to stock Knickerbocker as it is an American company through and through. A company which uses American steel and manufactures everything in the United States. Knickerbocker commits to maintaining a superior product by not importing inferior materials. Hence, this means that when you buy from us, your bed will be free from harmful contaminants as well as weak points. We stock Knickerbocker because we know that the products they make will last for many years to come and we want to give our customers complete satisfaction. Because of this, the beds come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty directly from the manufacturer, so if your bed frame does happen to be defective or damaged upon arrival, then Knickerbocker and we will make things right.

The family-owned, Knickerbocker bed frames company which has been operated since their inception in 1919, has always upheld strong family values. Providing bed frames which are both a great value and excellent quality for over four generations, Knickerbocker is a reliable and trustworthy partner, who provides us with superior quality mattress foundations, support systems, and even wooden beds which are made to last. We love Knickerbocker and its commitment to quality.

When you’re looking for bed frames in Las Vegas, then Best Mattress is the place to come. We have sleep experts here who are ready to help you chose your bedding accessories. We will find out all we need to know about your preferences, your needs, and your budget so that we can help you to pick from a wide variety of brands and products and make sure that you get the right product for you.

We focus on pairing customers with the best mattress sets, bedding, accessories, and bed frames in Las Vegas.  If you are interested in buying in a new bed frame, the visit a Best Mattress showroom near you to see them for yourself. We only partner with superior bedding, mattress, and frame suppliers, which is why they are proud to carry Knickerbocker bed frames like the ones mentioned above. They offer top-notch bed frames to homeowners, businesses, and hospitals worldwide. Known for their commitment to quality, Knickerbocker focuses on staying ahead of the curve and infusing all of the best technologies into their products.

Choosing a premium quality bed frames in Las Vegas can improve the quality of your sleep immeasurably, and this enhanced level of rest can have a significant impact on many aspects of your life. For example, while many people think that sleep is a passive activity, your brain is incredibly active during the night. When you are asleep, your skills and information from the day move to more efficient and permanent parts of the brain, so you are effectively practising what you’ve learnt during the day.

Sleep also helps you amalgamate new ideas, so getting a healthy amount of good sleep is paramount to learning and education. It is also a vital component of your health, and while getting the correct amount of sleep won’t stop you from getting ill completely, it will decrease your risk of heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes and obesity.

Sleeping well can also help you to control your weight because if you are overtired, you will be less likely to go for a jog or cook a healthy meal.

It will also make you happier. People generally get grumpy when they are tired, so getting a good night’s sleep can help to increase your happiness and your ability to think creatively. Most adults need around seven to eight hours, and studies have shown that only two weeks of getting less than this will result in the same mental deficits as not sleeping at all for three days. So get a good bed and get a good sleep.

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