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What Is The Best Twin Mattress?

Twin mattresses have long been a popular choice for those looking for a pair of single beds which can be used together or as separates in a room. There are two different sizes of a twin mattress, the traditional Twin and the Twin XL with the key difference being that the Twin XL comes with an additional 5 inches in length, making it perfect for adults who need a little extra legroom. Knowing which twin mattress to choose can be a little tricky, and it’s easier to break it down based on the firmness of the mattress. So here are our top picks of the best soft, medium, firm and affordable Twin mattresses. 

The Best Soft Twin Mattresses

Buying a high-performance soft twin mattress presents its own set of challenges as it is not easy for a mattress to provide a soft, comfortable feel whilst also providing the right level of support. Some of the twin mattresses that strike this perfect balance include:


  • The Tempur-LUXEBreeze Soft
    The Tempur-LUXEBreeze Soft provides a supportive and yet soft feel and is also integrated with Tempur’s signature temperature regulation technology, designed to circulate heat and moisture out of the mattress and into the air so that you get a good night sleep no matter the temperature.  
  • The iComfort Blue 300 CT Plush
    The iComfort Blue is widely considered one of the softest mattresses on the market whilst also offering support for every curve of the body. The mattress is composed of all-foam support topped with three different layers of EverCool foam to help regulate body temperature through the different phases of sleep. With a 120 sleep guarantee you can test the mattress out at home for yourself and if you aren’t completely satisfied we’ll take it back off your hands.  
  • The Serta Perfect Sleeper Foam Somerville II
    The Serta Perfect Sleeper Foam Somerville II is another plush yet supportive solution for anyone looking for a high level of softness. The mattress is responsive thanks to its weight distribution technology, which helps to prevent sagging whilst also enabling the mattress to cater to two users simultaneously.

The Best Medium Twin Mattresses

  • The Beautyrest Bold Medium
    Beautyrest is a brand known for its innovations and the Beautyrest Bold Medium is no exception. Like the rest of the Silver collection, the mattress contains silver enhanced fibers in its antimicrobial layer, to help keep it fresher for longer. The mattress also boasts a gel lumbar support and Dualcool technology for a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep.
  • The Tempur-ProBreeze Medium Hybrid
    For those who often get hot in the night, the Tempur-ProBreeze Medium Hybrid incorporates a 3-level system of cutting edge materials designed to keep you cool all night long. The SmartClimate Dual cover system provides an instant cooling sensation and the PureCool+ Phase Change Material ensures the mattress stays cool by trapping heat away from the body.  

The Best Firm Twin Mattresses

  • The Nectar Mattress
    The Nectar mattress is a great choice for those seeking a firm, yet comfortable mattress that is built to last. Crafted with smart memory foam with good firm support under the pelvis and slightly softer support under the shoulders, the Nectar mattress is designed to improve sleep quality and comfort by relieving pressure on the contours of the body such as the hips, shoulders, and knees.  
  • The Stearns & Foster Rockwell Firm
    When it comes to style, ingenuity and indulgence the mattresses provided by Stearns and Foster are hard to beat. The Rockwell firm is the ideal choice for those who like to sleep on their side or back, providing superior support whilst maintaining good comfort through a layer of Indulge Memory Foam that cushions and supports the body’s joints and contours. 

The Best Affordable Twin Mattresses

When it comes to affordability, here at Best Mattress we believe that no one should be priced out of a good night’s sleep which is why we stock a range of mattresses to suit all budgets. When it comes to affordability nothing beats a mattress from FiveStar, who offers soft, medium and firm mattresses designed to reduce back pain and reduce nighttime risks thanks to their FireShield technology. Some of the best affordable mattresses to consider include: 

Why Choose Best Mattress?

Best Mattress has evolved significantly since it was founded over 25 years ago but one thing has always remained the same – our commitment to the community. We understand that deciding on a new mattress is a big decision, and so we offer a 120 sleep guarantee to allow you to try your mattress for 120 nights of sleep before deciding whether to keep it or return it to us, free of charge. To find out more, visit your nearest Best Mattress store and see which mattress suits your sleep preference.

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