Purple Rejuvenate Premier mattressPurple Rejuvenate Premier mattress

Purple Rejuvenate Premier Mattress

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Layer of the Purple Mattress Cooling quilted comfort cover with antimicrobial finish. Adaptive response comfort foam. Talalay latex. Dual GelFlex Grid Plus layers. Dual comfort foam layers. Edge support foam. Five zone responsive coils. Edge support system.

Best-in-class sleep technology for the ultimate sleeping experience.

Purple Rejuvenate Premier takes rest to the next level with the luxurious feel of Talay Latex, responsive comfort and breathability from dual layers of GelFlex Grid Plus, a Quilted Comfort Cover, and five zones of coil core for targeted support with a medium/firm feel.

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Features of the Purple Rejuvenate Premier Mattress

18.5-Inch Mattress

For those seeking the absolute peak of luxurious comfort in a mattress, look no further than the Purple Rejuvenate Premier. This indulgent model combines multiple advanced comfort materials to cradle you in softness and adapt to your body’s contours.

The Rejuvenate Premier stands 18.5 inches tall to envelop you in its plush layers. At the top, a quilted cover provides a cozy, breathable feel right against your skin. Under this lies a 1.5 inch layer of Talalay latex offering quick responsiveness and pressure relief.

Next comes two 2 inch layers of Purple’s exclusive GelFlex Grid material. The hyper-elastic polymer grid design flexes under pressure points while remaining sturdy where support is needed. The open grid structure also allows heat to dissipate away from your body so you sleep cool.

Beneath the GelFlex layers is a 1.5 inch Active Response transition foam that prevents you from sinking too deeply into the mattress. This is followed by 1 inch of Ultra Comfort foam adding softness and contouring properties.

At the base, a 8 inch zoned pocketed coil unit provides differentiated support for your shoulders, back, hips and legs. The zones match your body’s heavier and lighter areas for spinal alignment and reduced pressure points. The individually wrapped coils also minimize motion transfer across the bed.

Advanced Technologies Working Together for Your Ultimate Sleep

Every component in the Rejuvenate Premier serves a purpose to give you the most rejuvenating sleep possible. The quilted cover encourages airflow and a cool, comfy feel against your skin. The Talalay latex adds buoyant responsiveness. GelFlex Grid conforms precisely while keeping you centered on the mattress.

Zoned pocketed coils support areas differently based on weight distribution and movement. The Active Response and Ultra Comfort transition foams prevent sagging. Each aspect works synergistically to deliver an unmatched sleeping experience.


Adapts to Your Needs for Back, Side, and Stomach Sleepers

Thanks to its balanced medium-firm feel and pressure relieving construction, the Rejuvenate Premier works for all sleeping positions. The quilted cover, latex, and GelFlex layers cushion pressure points like the shoulders and hips when side sleeping. For back sleepers, these comfort layers fill the gap between your low back’s natural arch while the coils support your mid-back.

When stomach sleeping, the zone coils and Active Response foam prevent unwanted sinking under the pelvis to maintain a healthy neck and spine position. The mattress’s responsiveness also makes moving between positions easy so you stay comfortable no matter how you rest.

Sleeps Cool with Advanced Temperature Regulation

Overheating while you sleep disrupts the sleep cycle and denies you deep, restorative rest. The Rejuvenate Premier combats warmth buildup through several design aspects. The quilted cover’s lightweight, breathable fibers release heat close to your body. The open GelFlex Grid structure allows warm air to exit the mattress rapidly.

The latex layer, transition foams, and pocketed coil unit all have enhanced airflow components as well. Moisture and heat dissipate out and away from your body through the mattress layers so you maintain an ideal sleeping temperature for proper recovery.

Going Above and Beyond with Quality Materials

As a leader in innovative mattress materials, Purple uses only the highest quality components in the Rejuvenate Premier. From its proprietary GelFlex Grid to the certified organic cotton cover, every aspect is built for longevity. The seamless, durable GelFlex grid won’t break down or sag over time.

The encased coil unit provides lasting support and prevents uneven wear under heavy regions. Both the GelFlex grid and pocketed coils are made to retain their structure and performance year after year. With superior craftsmanship and materials, your investment will only become more rewarding as time goes on.


Experience the Pinnacle of Luxury Comfort for Yourself

Why settle for an ordinary bed when you can upgrade to the remarkable comfort and quality of the Purple Rejuvenate Premier Mattress? Allow yourself the health benefits that come with truly restorative sleep on this amazing mattress. Visit any Best Mattress location today in Las Vegas, Mesquite, and St. George Utah to see and feel the Rejuvenate Premier difference.

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