Each adjustable bedframe is designed so that you experience customizable comfort each night. The Serta® Motion Essentials™ adjustable bed frame offers you that comfort, but at an extremely affordable price. With this adjustable bed base you’ll find that the extra support added by the moving frame will reduce your achy muscles by easing the strain regular beds place on your muscles and pressure points. Watching T.V., reading, or working from your cozy bed is more comfortable as you adjust the bed to find the optimal position for whatever you’re doing. The features of the Serta® Motion Essentials™  II Adjustable Bed frame include:  

Utilitarian Design

This popular bedframe’s design allows the bed to be sturdy while still being versatile and stylish. The bed foundation has a high performance lifting capacity of up to 650 pounds. It is strong and built to last. This base also has a chrome mattress retainer bar, so your mattress won’t slip around on the frame, even as you move and adjust the position of the bed. It is also possible for the Serta® Motion Essentials™ II bed base to fit into platform frames and sleigh beds, so the bed can look nice with the other furniture you’ve got in your bedroom.. There are also headboard brackets available, so you can hang the headboard of your choice with your new adjustable frame if you’d like. Overall, the simple, sleek design looks fabulous, but brings a higher level of comfort to your bedroom.

Customizable Comfort

With the Serta® Motion Essentials™ II bedframe, you’ll find that you have complete control over customizing your comfort. The head and foot of the base operate independently of each other, allowing you to find the right position for each part of your body. The combinations are endless! The simple four-button, wired remote will allow you to adjust the bedframe until you find the most comfortable position. Additionally, the motors seamlessly move the mattress so you can transition from position to position with ease.

Position Memory

One of the many benefits of the Serta® Motion Essentials™ II bedframe is that the bed comes with pre-set positions that are perfect for sleeping and lounging. With the click of a button you’ll be able to adjust the bed to whatever activity you’re doing in bed, whether it is watching T.V. or responding to emails. The remote also has a convenient one-click flat button, so you’re never more than a click away from finding a comfortable sleeping position.

Emergency Power  

If the power happens to go out, you won’t have to worry about your adjustable bed being stuck in a position that makes it impossible to sleep. The emergency built-in batteries means you’ll always be able to return the base to its original flat position. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort, even during a power outage.

With any adjustable bedframe, you’ll find that staying comfortable in bed becomes much easier. You can elevate your feet and head while using a laptop or eating breakfast in bed, or you can find just the right incline for a pressure free, relaxing night’s rest.The Serta® Motion Essentials™ II  base is a popular bedframe because it gives you all the customizable comfort at an affordable price. Try sleeping with an adjustable bedframe and experience exceptionally optimized comfort that you’ll love. At Best Mattress each bed comes with the Best Mattress Promise, so come in today to find out how we can help you get a better night’s sleep. You’ll find adjustable beds from Las Vegas to St. George that will change the way you get cozy in bed.