PureCare Pillows In Las Vegas

PureCare pillows are a unique line of pillows which offer the optimum combination of support, cleanliness and longevity. Using the latest scientific advances and state-of-the-art materials we are able to offer pillows that not only provide excellent ergonomic support but are a delight to sleep on all night long. The covers are treated with antimicrobial silver chloride to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria and ensure that your pillows remain fresh for years to come. Our PureCare pillows are offered in many different material combinations so that you can find exactly what you like best while enjoying all of the benefits of this amazing sleep experience. All of them are made of materials that stay cool so that you never overheat. Best Mattress carries two lines of PureCare pillows: PureCare Plush and PureCare One.


PureCare Plush

Our PureCare Plush pillow collection provides a wide variety of premium materials and comfort options. Choose from memory foam, down, natural latex, specialty gel, and synthetic down pillows. PureCare Plush pillows start with soft bamboo rayon based cotton or velour covers, treated with antimicrobial silver chloride that inhibits bacteria, mold and mildew that causes deterioration, stains and odors on this product. Several of our PureCare Plush pillows feature a locking zipper cover for easy laundering. Each silky-soft PureCare Plush cover features MiteTight® sealed seams providing a physical barrier that resists allergens, bed bugs and dust mites.

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PureCare One

Each PureCare One Pillow is specifically designed to work in harmony with the body’s natural curvature. Utilizing our patented three-piece design, PureCare One pillows are constructed with three separate contouring components: two Silhouette Supports for optimal neck and shoulder comfort and a central Soul Center™  that provides soft support for your head. Ideal for back, side and stomach sleepers, PureCare One is designed to move with you, cradling and soothing the resting body regardless of your preferred sleep position. Both comfortable and clean, PureCare One pillow covers are treated with antimicrobial silver chloride that inhibits bacteria, mold and mildew that causes deterioration, stains and odors on this product. Each silky-soft PureCare One bamboo rayon fiber cover features MiteTight® sealed seams and a locking zipper, providing a physical barrier that resists allergens, bed bugs and dust mites. The zippered construction allows for easy laundering of the pillow cover, helping you keep your sleep environment clean.


Purecare SUB-0

Do you ever feel uncomfortably warm when you’re trying to sleep? PureCare’s SUB-0°® pillows are a hybrid of technical textiles and premium fills, fusing proper cushioning with cooling comfort. Designed to feel cool to the touch, SUB-0° pillows feature PureCare’s exclusive FRíO® rapid chill cooling fibers, a mineral-based textile that provides a refreshingly cooler sleep surface throughout the night. To keep sleepers comfortable, each SUB-0° hybrid cover blends FRíO fibers with the ultra plush feel of TENCEL® threads, resulting in a luxurious fabric which is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cools five times faster than polyester. Each cover is treated with antimicrobial silver chloride that inhibits bacteria, mold, and mildew that cause deterioration, stains and odors on this product. Find relief from sleep heat with SUB-0° hybrid pillows.

The Perfect Pillows

Healthy Sleep Habits Now! 

One of the most valuable things you should invest in is yourself. Good health improves all aspects of life, and an often-overlooked way to achieve and maintain good health is by practicing good sleep habits.

Here at Best Mattress it is our goal to help you achieve the optimum sleep you need to live a healthy life. When you shop here you can be assured that you are receiving the finest materials that will not only last, but provide the excellent rest you deserve. But no mattress is complete without a comfortable, supportive pillow to go with it. Introducing, the PureCare line of premier pillows!

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