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Pillows in Las Vegas

At Best Mattress, we sell everything that you need to enjoy the greatest sleep of your life. Our range of quality pillows complements our mattresses to improve your quality of sleep. You have a lot to gain from swapping out your old bag of cotton or feathers for a temperature-controlled bamboo pillow tailor-made for your body type.

A pillow isn’t just something soft for you to lay your head on; it can relieve neck pain, combat bacteria growth, and much more. These advances in sleep technology mean that the perfect pillow is waiting for you, and Best Mattress is here to help you find it.

Health-Boosting Natural Materials

Choosing the right type of material for your pillow can go a long way to promoting better sleep. In particular, natural materials can improve your rest as well as your health. Bamboo has the unique benefit of being antimicrobial, which makes it difficult for bacteria to adhere to the surface and grow. Your nose, eyes, and mouth are major gateways for infection, and they all lay in close proximity to your pillow. By repelling bacterial growth, bamboo and other natural materials may help you to be healthier and enjoy a better quality of sleep.

Besides that, natural materials are renewable. Not only will you enjoy a better quality of sleep, but you can feel good about keeping harmful materials out of the landfill. A natural pillow is an additional way to take care of yourself and the environment.

Chill Pillow Sleep Technology

In recent decades, the science of sleep has produced many innovations, including built-in cooling technology. This advancement leverages materials to reduce temperature and help keep you cool as you sleep. Thanks to cooling pillow technology, you can feel more comfortable even on the hottest summer nights.

But that isn’t all that Best Mattress pillows offer. Many of the chill pillows that we carry use this cooling technology as one of a multilayered system. An outer layer regulates heat and helps keep you comfortable, while the inner layers carry added support with special materials.

Your Perfect Level of Support

A pillow shouldn’t be too firm or too soft, but the balance varies from one person to the next. We don’t make the choice of what the right level of support is for you but provide you with plenty of options instead.

The premium pillow lines that we offer such as bamboo memory foam designs come in multiple options, ranging from solid and supportive to soft and delicate.

Another key choice to have in mind when it comes to your pillow is your body size, a factor that influences which shape and size of pillow are ideal.

Different Sizes for Different Bodies

The Tempur-Pedic Pro line, the Lo, Mid, and Hi each cater toward people in different stages of life and of different sizes. Each of them offers full shoulder, neck, and head support for a different group of people.

While the Pro-Lo is great for children and stomach sleepers, the other pillows in the lineup offer great support for larger frames and side/back sleepers.

At Best Mattress, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. When you shop with us, you’ll find the individual sleep solutions you need to rest more soundly and deeply than ever.

The Right Pillow For Your Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position changes your support needs by putting more or less pressure on different parts of your upper body.

If you haven’t shopped with Best Mattress before, it’s possible that you haven’t considered a pillow with a design suited to the way you sleep. However, making sure to take this detail into account can go a long way toward relieving neck pain and promoting better sleep.

Individualized solutions and unbeatable quality are the foundation of our pillow lineup.

Trust Best Mattress

Best Mattress is the top provider of mattresses and sleep accessories in and around Las Vegas. Our customers trust us to provide them with everything they need to enjoy better sleep, relieve neck pain, and more. We’ve earned this trust by continually providing a variety of the best, most innovative products.

By incorporating a mixture of features such as cooling pillow technology, natural pillow materials, and tailored shapes and sizes, we have an individualized sleep solution for everyone.

If you’re interested in enjoying the best sleep you can, your next step is simple. Explore our collection of high-quality pillows and see which one seems right for you. Additionally, our sleep experts at one of our many store locations in Las Vegas and St. George can help you find the best sleep experience.