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Tempur-breeze ProHi Pillow

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The TEMPUR-breeze ProHi Pillow is designed to provide a luxurious level of comfort for those who struggle to sleep at night. It can help people who suffer from pain in their upper body, or individuals who find it difficult to keep the right temperature through the night.

What is The TEMPUR-breeze ProHi Pillow?

This product is designed with a new cooling fabric cover. Ultimately, what this means is that the pillow does feel cool to touch. This can feel refreshing and relaxing when you go to sleep at night. However, the TEMPUR products go one step further with high-density fibers designed to consistently maintain a cool temperature. This means that you won’t have to worry about the fibers washing off or feeling less cool the more that you use them. It’s worth noting that only one side of the pillow uses this fabric. The alternate side is non-cooling.

Choosing The Right Size

The products have been created and designed to ensure that they can provide a completely personalized level of comfort. For this reason, there are three different profiles to choose from. The size you choose will be determined by your frame or how you tend to sleep through the night.

For Side Sleepers

The TEMPUR-breeze ProHi Pillow profile is designed for side sleepers. If this is the way that you feel most comfortable through the night, then this could be the ideal profile for you. It will also be suitable for those with larger frames. If you have a smaller frame, then there are two other profiles to choose from.

Available in King or Queen Sized

The pillows are also available in different sizes to ensure that they fit your bed perfectly. As such, you will be able to choose if you want one to fit a king or queen size mattress.

Cooling Technology and Washable

As well as being designed with cooling technology, the product provides other key benefits. There are three different layers to the pillow. The premium knit cover is washable and looks fantastic. It is cool to touch and soft. This will ensure that you won’t have to worry about it making you feel uncomfortable through the night.

A Breathable Pillow

The second layer is highly breathable ensuring that air will travel freely through and around the pillow. You won’t have to worry about your head getting too hot resting on this pillow through the night.

Adaptive Head and Neck Support

Special materials are also designed to ensure that the pillow provides the right level of give. You will be amazed at the relief this can provide if you commonly experience pain in your head, shoulders, or neck through the night. With this pillow, you can wake up feeling completely refreshed and free from the typical aches.

The TEMPUR-breeze ProHi Pillow also adapts to your shape completely. Regardless of what size you are, you’ll always be able to find your perfect sleeping position. In terms of give, the Hi profile provides a medium feel, offering just the right amount of support for your upper body. It can even help reduce issues with back pain.

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