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Serta Motion Perfect 4 Adjustable Base

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Serta is a leading name in the world of adjustable bases, and customers who are looking for a versatile, practical, comfortable base with a touch of luxury will not be disappointed by the new Serta Motion Perfect 4 Adjustable Base. Adjustable bases offer a wealth of benefits when compared to standard frames, including the flexibility and freedom to elevate different parts of the body, improved circulation, reduced risk of acid reflux, and a lower risk of snoring. The Serta Motion Perfect 4 Adjustable Base is the latest release in the adjustable base models, and it builds on the success and popularity of its predecessors to offer customers even more fabulous features.

The Serta Motion Perfect 4 Adjustable Base

The Motion Perfect 4 Adjustable Base is an upgraded version of Serta’s previous adjustable bases, and as such, it delivers a raft of features, which are designed to enhance sleep quality and comfort and cater to practical needs. This base facilitates restful nights, but it also makes life easier with handy additions like USB ports on either side of the bed and the option to move different parts of the base via wireless remote control. An advanced version of the Serta Motion Essentials 4 Adjustable Base, the Motion Perfect 4 range is ideally suited to those looking to enjoy all the bells and whistles.

Key features

Serta has pushed the boat out with the new Motion Perfect 4 Adjustable Base, and there are some incredibly impressive features on display. These include:

Elevation and Preset Buttons

One of the best aspects of this adjustable base is the ability to elevate your base using preset buttons. At the touch of a button, you can adjust the position, choosing from existing settings or customized presets. With the option to add up to two bespoke presets, you can switch to your favorite position in seconds. The weightless Zero Gravity setting is a customer favorite.


If you share your room with a snorer, you may be familiar with the scenario of lying awake in the early hours listening to the sound of heavy breathing and snorting. It can be very difficult to sleep soundly when you’re trying to block out noise. With the innovative anti-snore feature offered by the Serta Motion Perfect 4 base, you can enjoy peaceful nights once more. This innovative concept enables you to adjust the sleeping position of your partner using one-touch controls. You simply press the button, and your partner’s head will lift and tilt slightly, opening up the airways and reducing snoring. As well as being beneficial for anyone who experiences trouble sleeping as a result of living with a snorer, the Anti-Snore feature can also have a positive impact on the individual who snores. Adapting the position of the upper part of the base opens the airway, making it easier to breathe.

Advanced Movement Options

With the Serta Motion Perfect 4 Adjustable Base, you can enjoy advanced movement options, including lifting the head and feet separately or at the same time. With this model, you can also tilt the head forward for added comfort when reading and you can sit comfortably without extra pillows. The Serta Motion Perfect 4 Adjustable Base also affords the ability to make the most of the entire surface area. Usually, when you elevate parts of the base, it can have a concertina effect. This base extends, meaning you don’t lose any usable space and you can enjoy a more natural, comfortable position. Using EasySeat technology, the shape of the mattress is automatically adjusted when the base moves.

Massage Features

Massage therapy is proven to reduce stress, aid sleep, improve circulation, and ease tension. The Serta Motion Perfect 4 Adjustable Base offers an array of massage settings, including options to target the feet and head, either independently or simultaneously, and at six different speeds. If you like to enjoy a massage before you drift off the sleep, you can also set a timer with this base. This means that the massage will automatically end after the specified timeframe, so you can go to sleep without worrying about leaving the massage program running.

Twin USB Ports

Most of us like to charge our phones or other devices during the night. With USB ports at both sides of the bed, you can charge without worrying about tripping over wires or having to go to the other side of the room to turn your alarm off.

Under-bed Lighting

If you get up during the night, you don’t want to wake your partner by turning the main light or a bedside lamp on. The Motion Perfect 4 Adjustable Base has subtle, under-bed lighting to enable you to move around safely without flooding the room with light.

Easy, Hassle-free Operation

At the end of a long, busy day, there’s nothing better than climbing into bed. With this adjustable base, you can modify the settings and controls with a handy wireless remote, choosing from preset modes or your own bespoke positions to ensure your base is just right when you get into bed.

Product Details

  • Size options: Divided King, Split California King, Twin XL, Full, Queen
  • Color: gray
  • Weight capacity: 850 lbs

Buy the Serta Motion Perfect 4 Adjustable Base

The Serta Motion Perfect 4 Adjustable Base is ideally suited to customers who are looking to enjoy a wide range of features. This base offers an incredible selection of perks, including 6-speed massage, automatic massage complete, anti-snore features, adjustable movement for the head and feet, two USB ports, under-bed lighting, and wireless, one-touch controls. Available in a range of sizes, with the option to customize preset modes, this is an excellent option for anyone who wants to reap the rewards of a functional, versatile base that offers a touch of luxury and unbeatable comfort.

If you have any questions, or you’d like more information about the Serta Motion Perfect 4 Adjustable Base, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team today!

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