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Sleep Tip #5 Better Sleep Month

Better Sleep Month from Best Mattress

As was mentioned on KTNV this morning:

Today’s sleep tip could help you improve your sleep patterns by following a few simple steps.  Something that we ask of you, which is more than likely the reason you are on our blog. So we ask; are you struggling to maintain a restful night’s sleep?

As was mentioned in our last Sleep Tip, you should consider changing your bedroom environment.  According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s important to create a room that is ideal for sleeping.  One thing to add to the recommendations we had previously is to paint the walls of your bedroom in a calming color that can create a more relaxing space. Just a few gallons of paint can change the entire mood of the room, and help you sleep faster.

Also check the temperature in your bedroom. Studies show that a cooler climate (around 65 degrees) will also help boost sleep patterns for better sleep.  Along with your room temperature be aware of the type of sheets you use and the quality of your mattress. Both can contribute to heat build-up and can make it harder for you to sleep. Mattress’ can retain heat and it often results in excessive sweating which causes restlessness and poor sleep quality.

A mattress has the potential to encourage sleep or rob you of sleep. If you think that your mattress might be the culprit come into a Best Mattress location, or contact us here to talk to a sleep expert to help you get a more restful night’s sleep. We also offer bed sheets and other accessories to compliment your brand new mattress!

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