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Sleep Tip #4 Leap Day

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It’s Leap Day! Make it count!


Today is Leap Day! It only happens once every 4 years, and many of us at Best Mattress like to call it SLEEP DAY!  How will you be spending your extra 24 hours?  Perhaps catching up on some much needed sleep?  Well, for our 4th sleep tip, we want to give you two ways to create better sleep patterns which will be greater for your health:

Change the environment of your bedroom:

So firstly, what kind of changes need to be made in your bedroom? To create the best sleep-inducing environment, try to keep it dark, quiet and the temperature comfortably cool. The Mayo Clinic recommends using room-darkening shades, earplugs, and a fan to create an environment that is perfect for sleep.  This is especially important for those that have to work an evening or graveyard shift, as the sunlight and noise of outside can be very distracting and at times will make it near impossible to sleep.  Try to eliminate any light source from coming in the room, along with some comfortable earplugs and sleeping masks if you feel they are needed to eliminate distracting noises and light that might potentially shine through.  Additionally a fan providing white noise can give you added comfort by cooling the room, and giving white noise to block out any sounds that could disturb your sleep.

Adjust your diet:

Recent studies have also found that when you don’t get enough sleep your appetite increases along with fatigue. Most of the food eaten is full of sugars and very unhealthy foods that increase weight. Along with unhealthy food a recommendation from Harvard Medical School suggests avoiding coffee, tea, chocolate, cola and some pain relievers for four to six hours before bedtime. It can make it very hard for you to wind down, and prepare to sleep. It can take more time for some to relax and finally get to sleep, and having caffeine in your body makes it even harder to sleep.

Start now

This is an extra day that we have this year, and now is a great time to start taking these sleep tips and applying it to your nightly routine.  All of us at Best Mattress want to ensure that you have the best sleep possible and are able to do everything you want to do with your life! Make it a plan to start now! And we want to hear about how you are going to make it happen! Share your “Sleep Day” plans with Best Mattress on our Facebook Page and let us know how we can help you make it happen. If you need a new mattress or might think that something else is aloof one of our sleep experts can help you find ways to the sleep you need.

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