PureCare™ Mattress Accessories

Best Mattress offers PureCare Mattress Protectors, Sheets and Pillows

The PureCare product line is dedicated to creating a healthy sleep environment. These products are designed to ensure comfort and promote health and wellness. Each of our products is created using the latest technologies and the highest quality products.

PureCare products are designed to improve health by reducing allergens, dust mites, microbes, mold, mildew, bacteria and fungi, and bed bug infestations from getting into bedding. PureCare has a complete line of mattress covers, pillow protectors, sheets, and pillows that enhance comfort and protect sleepers from an unhealthy sleep environment.

PureCare products are endorsed by over 12,000 doctors nationwide and are designated the official mattress and pillow protectors for the National Sleep Foundation.

The Perfect Pillows

PureCare Plush

The PureCare plush pillow is a masterpiece of comfort and health. These pillows are designed to provide exceptional comfort at all levels by offering different types of interior fill. The exterior of the pillows are made from either a soft bamboo rayon cotton or velour and are then treated with silver ions to ensure that all bacteria are destroyed. The silver ions also suppress dust mite reproduction and eliminate many other allergens. The MiteTight seams and secure zippers ensure that these pillow remain bedbug resistant and dust mite free.

PureCare One

PureCare One is an ergonomically designed pillow that is perfect for anyone who has had trouble finding the right pillow for a good night’s sleep. The pillow cover is made from bamboo rayon or velour and is specially treated with silver ions to reduce allergens, microbes, and bacteria.

The interior of the PureCare One is made from three components that are specially crafted to provide comfort and to keep the person cool. Air flow between to compartments allows the sleeper to remain much cooler than with a regular pillow. Variations in pillow filling are available.

The PureCare One is sealed using MiteTight seams and sturdy zippers to ensure dust mites and bed bugs can never enter into the pillow.

Purecare Mattress Protectors

PureCare Frio

The PureCare Frio 5-Sided Mattress Cover is the perfect mattress cover for those who wish to have a healthy sleeping environment and need to remain cool to enjoy a good night of sleep. Many people are very temperature sensitive when they sleep. Regardless of time of year or outside temperature, they wish to sleep in a cool environment.

The PureCare Frio-5 Sided Mattress Cover is embedded with Rapid Chill cooling fibers. These fibers keep the mattress cool, even in the hottest weather.

As an additional bonus, these special mattress covers also come with all of the regular benefits of a PureCare product. These mattress covers are allergen proof, dust mite and bacteria resistant and are guaranteed to deter bed bug infestations. These mattress covers are also mold, mildew, stain, and moisture resistant.

PureCare StainGuard

The PureCare Stain Guard Terry Mattress Cover is a cost effective solution to protecting a mattress from surface moisture and stains. These mattress covers are very comfortable and will provide some protection from dust mites and other common allergens.

This mattress cover provides a one-sided protection for your mattress top. The PureCare Stain Guard Terry Mattress Cover is very effective for guest bedrooms or other beds where use is kept to a minimum.

PureCare Total Encasement

The PureCare Total Encasement Mattress Protector is a superior product that protects your mattress and creates a healthy sleeping environment. This mattress is made using PureCare technology that reduces allergens, destroys dust mites, bacteria, and other microbes, and prevents bed bugs from entering the mattress. This cover also reduces surface moisture and helps prevent the mattress from becoming stained.

This superior product totally encases the mattress to offer complete protection and keep your sleeping area healthy. This product has been endorsed by over 12,000 doctors and is the official product used by the National Sleep Foundation.

PureCare Sheets

PureCare Bamboo

PureCare Bamboo sheets combine luxury and wellness into one product. Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, and when infused with Terrene, the antimicrobial properties are enhanced.. PureCare combines this bamboo with high quality cotton to ensure softness and then treats the material with silver ions to enhance bacteria fighting properties. The silver ions will also destroy dust mites and prevent further infestations. This material is also anti allergen.

These luxurious sheets have well fitted corners so that they easily remain in place on the mattress. The material itself is exceptionally soft to the touch and comfortable to sleep on. The long fibers of the cotton give the sheets a sateen look and feel, adding to their superior quality.

PureCare Microfiber

PureCare Microfiber Sheets are a true experience in comfort. These ultra-soft sheets are perfect for anyone who has trouble finding comfort on sheets that seem stiff, even of they are cotton based.

The ultra-soft texture of these perfectly fitted sheets will make you believe that you are sleeping on a cloud. Of course, these exceptional sheets are part of the PureCare health and wellness line and come with the same guarantees that are attached to all of their fine products.