Experience industry-leading comfort and quality with sleep products from Purple at Best Mattress - Best Mattress
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Experience industry-leading comfort and quality with sleep products from Purple at Best Mattress

The sleep specialists at Best Mattress know that having the right mattress makes a world of difference. With this in mind, they’ve added one-of-a-kind products from Purple to their stores across Southern Utah and Nevada.

Promotional image courtesy of Best Mattress, St. George News

While there are many names in the sleep business, Purple stands apart from the average mattress brand. Their beds, bed frames, pillows and more utilize the latest in sleep technology with a commitment to quality and innovation.

Sleep better with Purple

If you’ve ever dealt with soreness or trapped heat, Purple will revolutionize the way you sleep. Purple mattresses incorporate carefully crafted layers to create a one-of-a-kind sleeping experience. With a variety of designs to choose from, it’s a breeze to find the bed that works for your sleeping preferences. They come in all standard sizes as well as a split king for customers with adjustable bed frames.

Purple beds use proprietary materials that are extremely durable. While traditional mattresses tend to form depressions over time, the Purple mattress holds its original shape. They’re also perfect for couples because the material flexes around each person’s body to reduce disruptive motion transfer.

See how Purple compares to other beds here.

Promotional image courtesy of Best Mattress, St. George News

Meet the GelFlex Grid

Every Purple bed is easily recognized by its most important feature, the GelFlex Grid. This unique texture layer is engineered to provide a better night’s sleep and provides three crucial benefits.

Adaptable comfort: The GelFlex Grid is made from a hyperelastic polymer that quickly responds to movement. Unlike memory foam, which takes time to recover, the grid will snap back instantly to ensure you’re always supported, even if you change positions often during the night.

Flexible cushioning and support: The GelFlex Grid flexes around your hips and shoulders to alleviate pressure while providing stability where your body needs it most: the lower back. This flexibility ensures customized support for every body type, as it’s both soft and firm at the same time.

Temperature regulation: Say goodbye to night sweats with the GelFlex Grid. More than 1,400 hollow rectangular chambers allow air to flow through the mattress freely, moving heat away from your body and creating the perfect temperature.

Learn more about the GelFlex Grid here.

More reasons to switch

Although Purple made their mark on the sleep industry with the GelFlex Grid mattress, they offer a full lineup of sleep products including pillows, mattress protectors and sheets. The company also manufactures a first-class selection of bed frames.

Many people don’t realize that their bed frame plays an important role in the quality of their sleep. Purple frames are resilient and able to support over 2,000 pounds of pressure. Joint buffers prevent squeaking, and the innovative composite design means that the entire frame can ship to your home for easy assembly.

Promotional image courtesy of Best Mattress, St. George News

Browse Purple products at Best Mattress here.

Sleep satisfaction guaranteed

Just like people, mattresses come in all shapes and sizes. The experts at Best Mattress are dedicated to helping customers achieve deeply restorative rest by matching them with the bed of their dreams. Tour the only showrooms in Southern Utah where you can compare products from Purple, Tempur-Pedic, King Koil, Posh + Lavish, Serta, Sealy, Stearns & Foster and more.

You probably won’t know if a mattress is right for you until you spend at least a few nights on it, but you can rest assured knowing that all Best Mattress products come with a sleep satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love your mattress after 120 days, you can exchange it without a restocking fee.

Shop the Best Mattress catalog here.

To speak with a Best Mattress sleep specialist today about the perfect mattress – or any of their bases and foundations, bed frames, bedding, pillows and other accessories – call 877-759-8155 or visit the Best Mattress website for more information.

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.