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What Makes Stearns and Foster Mattresses Exceptional​?

Stearns and Foster Mattress without sheets in a decorated bedroom


Stearns and Foster have been around for more than 173 years. During that time the brand has learned a lot about the art and science of making a quality mattress. Today, it designs some of the leading mattresses on the market today, offering superior comfort to its customers.

Stearns and Foster, however, is more than a leader in innovation. The mattress company takes design incredibly seriously, adding all sorts of artistic flourishes to its bedding. Every layer is stitched together with care and artistry to the point where owners often mourn the fact that they eventually have to cover these mattresses with sheets.

So that’s a general overview of the brand. But what is it in particular that makes its mattresses so exceptional?

Layers of Comfort and Support

Many brands in the industry use layers to boost their mattresses’ performance, but comparatively few go to the extreme lengths as Stearns and Foster. In another post, we talk about what Stearns and Foster mattresses are made of. The company’s Estate and Lux Estate Ranges are the product of decades of innovation and tinkering, incorporating multiple materials, fabrics, and technologies to provide the most relaxing night’s sleep possible.

Stearns and Foster’s IntelliCoil System

At the core of Stearns and Foster’s range is the IntelliCoil system, a patented coil design that provides both support and comfort. Each Estate and Lux Estate offers sleepers of all types the opportunity to achieve optimal body support, no matter their preferred sleeping position.

Unique PrecisionEdge System

Surrounding this core of springs is a second set of coils Stearns and Foster calls its PrecisionEdge System. These create a comfortable mattress from edge to edge, containing the sleeper inside the bed. PrecisionEdge coils are sprung differently from those in the mattress’s main body, helping to create a product that is both comfortable and long-lasting. Thus, Stearns and Foster mattresses provide comfort over the entirety of their surface, not just while people sleep in optimal positions in the middle.

AirVent System In All Stearns and Foster Mattresses

The mattresses’ exterior casing uses a ventilated coil system combined with vents in the sides of the fabric to prevent the buildup of heat, especially in hot weather. The unique technology transfers air from the mattress body to the rest of the bedroom, offering additional circulation for when temperatures rise. The external heat vents physically channel air from the interior, allowing better heat-exchange between the sleeper and the mattress below.

What’s so remarkable about this technology, though, is how Stearns and Foster have retained design quality. Not only is the exterior casing functional, but it smacks of quality too. The navy facing material immediately gives you a luxe look.

Indulge Memory Foam

Over the years, Stearns and Foster have experimented with all kinds of bedding materials they hoped would increase user comfort. Eventually, they engineered a type of memory foam created by scientists and Tempur-Pedic that adjusts seamlessly to changes in the sleeper’s position instantly. The foam has a micro-lattice structure that conforms to weight placed on it and then springs back to its original shape when not in use. The feature means that Stearns and Foster can offer a space-age level of experience alongside standard coil-spring technology.

It’s difficult to overstate the difference that this makes to the overall sleeping experience. The Estate and Estate Lux lines have a traditional mattress’s springiness with the added benefit of contouring to the body. This reduces pressure points and better-distributes weight. Combining the two technologies makes Stearns and Foster exceptional: they seem to understand how to bring the two together instinctively.

Tencel Fabric Top Panel On All Stearns and Foster Mattresses

Rounding off the layers of all Stearns and Foster mattresses is the Tencel top panel. This layer aims to wick moisture away from the body and leave the sleeper dry, even after a hot night in bed. The sustainable, stretch-knit covering uses special fibers that allow water to evaporate, instead of building up around the body, as they do on most conventional mattresses.

There are a couple of obvious benefits of this innovation. The first is that it allows sleepers to avoid waking up in a puddle of damp, sticky sweat – something that practically everyone wants to avoid.

The second is that the technology reduces opportunities for harmful bacteria and fungal species to use the mattress as a home. Bacteria and fungi can’t thrive without moisture, letting owners keep their beds hygienic long-term, even in high-humidity climates.

Multiple Comfort Levels

Stearns and Foster offer multiple comfort levels for different needs. The plush pillowtop mattress includes HD memory foam that cradles and supports every curve and is so nice to sink into.

Customers can also choose the firm version of the Stearns and Foster Estate and Estate Lux. Stearns and Foster increase the coil tension which so there is less sinking as the sleeper lays on it. The result is a firmer feel and a straighter spine, making it ideal to provide comfort and support for heavier bodies.

Finally, Stearns and Foster Mattresses come in different levels of luxury. The Lux Estate Collection includes all of the advanced mattress technologies discussed above, including the memory foam layers and the IntelliCoil system. The Estate Collection features the same technologies minus the Indulge memory foam, but it does including the gel memory foam layer.

Wrapping Up

In summary, Stearns and Foster are one of the longest-lived companies in the country. But as we have learned, that is not by chance. The firm continues to innovate, improving its mattresses every year, incorporating new technologies that have played a large role in setting quality standards across the entire industry,

What sets the company apart, though, is the finesse with which it marries space-age materials with luxury design. These mattresses are each a work of art, signed by those who handcraft them at the brand’s artisanal facilities. You couldn’t ask for a more exceptional product.