Customize Your Comfort, Support & Relaxation.

The Serta® Motion Select™ bedframe allows you to experience optimized comfort that is customized to fit your specific, everyday needs. This adjustable frame allows you to stay comfortable while you are working, relaxing, or sleeping, and the advanced features make the bed both beautiful and practical. As with other adjustable bedframes, the Serta® Motion Select™ bedframe reduces the weight felt on your pressure points, helping to reduce achy muscles by morning.  The features of the  Serta® Motion Select™ Adjustable Bed frame include:

Attractive and Practical Design

With the Serta® Motion Select™ Bedframe, you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. This adjustable bedframe has a modern, sleek, and attractive look. The upholstered, light-grey design easily matches many design schemes. The bed also comes with free headboard brackets, so you can customize the look of your adjustable base. Modern, cylindrical legs can be adjusted to three different heights, giving you control over the look and feel of your new bed.  This bedframe also boasts a practical design. The Pro-fit retainer system keeps the mattress perfectly in line with the bed foundation, so you don’t have to worry about a shifting mattress. Finally, a steel frame gives the bed a 850 pound weight limit, with a built in safety stop feature that will automatically turn the bed off if the weight limit has been surpassed. You’ll be impressed by both the design and practical features of this bed base.

Customizable Comfort

The adjustable features of the Serta® Motion Select™ bedframe give you control of your comfort. The head and feet portions can both be controlled separately, giving you an almost limitless amount of position combinations. The bed has also been designed to give you superior lumbar support, so you’ll wake up feeling refreshed each morning. Control your comfort with a convenient wireless remote that has backlighting; you’ll always be able to see the controls in order to find the perfect position. In the case of a power outage, this adjustable bedframe has an emergency power outage backup, so you’ll be able to return your mattress to its original flat position, never sacrificing a single night’s sleep.

Position Memory

For a better night’s rest, Serta® has pre-programmed this bed with 2 position memory settings. One position will help to reduce snoring, and the other position has a zero gravity feel. You can also save your favorite position combinations, so you can return to comfortable bliss with the click of a button. Save a position that specifically allows you to use a laptop comfortably in bed, or a position for reading or watching T.V. The one touch flat button will allow you to quickly return the bed to its starting position.

Massage System

Once you have found the perfect position, turn on the massage system and relax. The Advanced Massage technology comes with 3 pre-programmed settings that you can adjust to the intensity level you desire. The massage system is also quiet, so it won’t impede your sleeping or relaxing. You’ll find that muscle tension is reduced and blood circulation improves with the use of the massage settings.


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