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Purchasing A Bed in Box From Nectar or Casper vs. In-Store

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When shopping for a bed, you have one thing in mind: a good night’s sleep.

Buying the right mattress is an important part of sleeping well, so you need to make sure you get it right. There’s no point in forking out for new sleep equipment if it’s going to lessen your sleep quality.

You may be considering purchasing a bed in a box from an online company such as Nectar or Casper. Like with any investment, it’s worth weighing up the pros and the cons before doing so. Most things can be bought online now – but just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should.

So: is it time to buy a new bed?

If so, this article can help. Read on for a full breakdown of the differences between the online bed in a box shopping and buying from a mattress store.

Get It Right the First Time

It is wise to remember that everything sounds good in theory. When purchasing a new mattress, the specifications might read well, but it doesn’t always mean that it’s the correct one for you.

That’s why it’s so important to try things out for yourself.

One of the key benefits of in-store mattress shopping compared to purchasing a bed in a box is being able to see and feel the products in person. You can test a mattress right there and see what you think. This gives you a much higher chance of choosing the perfect mattress on your first purchase.

The science of sleep is a complex, highly individual matter.

Even the best-written description of a mattress cannot compare to lying on it yourself and feeling the support, comfort, and shape it offers. Trying things out enables you to narrow down all of the options to something that gives you everything you’re looking for. You can rule out those that are too hard or soft immediately and seek something optimized for your needs.

Shopping in-store means that you will walk out of the door confident that you’ve chosen right. Don’t delay: get yourself that all-important good night’s sleep right away.

Variety Is Key

man and woman laying on mattress in mattress store

Different mattress types

Shopping for a new mattress is no good unless you’re looking somewhere that stocks the perfect one for you.

Stores like Nectar and Casper might have a decent selection of products available to you online. This is useful for those unable to leave the house, but in reality, it is not the optimal way to buy a mattress – their range is still limited compared to that of a mattress store.

The bed in box way of selling places limitations on what online mattress companies can offer. Having less stock means that they are much less likely to carry your dream mattress.

Whether this means having fewer brands, styles, or firmness options available, the outcome is simple: you will probably have to forfeit something you need for a night of good sleep if you buy a mattress in a box.

Don’t let this happen.

The importance of every aspect of your mattress cannot be overstated. It’s worth going out of your way to find the perfect combination of qualities for you.

Don’t Risk Going Without Sleep with Bed in a Box

The potential for going without a good mattress, and so a good night’s sleep, is part of the territory when purchasing a mattress in a box. You just won’t know if it’s right for you until it arrives.

With beds and mattresses, it isn’t as straightforward as being able to return if you don’t like it.

The caveats of buying tend to include an extended trial period in which you cannot return the product. If the mattress you buy online arrives and does terrible things to your sleep, there’s simply nothing you can do about it.

A month’s trial period might not sound like too long, but a month’s worth of bad sleep could do enough damage to last a lifetime.

Other issues could impact your experience of buying a mattress if you go with an online company. The off-gassing period in which your mattress releases pungent smells due to the tight way it was packaged can take a long time and might be bad for those sensitive to scents. You may face warranty issues if an unsuitable mattress is accidentally damaged during the obligatory testing period.

Ultimately, you might end up stuck with a mattress that you just can’t sleep on for at least an extended period of time. This won’t do your sleep any good and should be avoided wherever possible.

Sleep Experts Can Help You In-store

Sleep expert helping man purchase a mattress

No matter how you choose to buy your mattress, the advice of a sleep expert will help. There are plenty of online resources provided by those who know most about sleep if you choose to buy a bed in a box.

The benefit of being in-store here is that the advice comes to you. There’s no need to worry if you’re not sure what questions to ask.

In-store sleep experts can take mattress shoppers through a store’s selection. By asking the right questions, they can decipher exactly what you need and take you to try the most appropriate options for yourself. There is no online article that can be applied to your sleeping habits in the way that individual advice from an in-store expert can.

These are the people that really know sleep. They know what you need if you sleep light or heavy, back or front, and even depending on your height and weight.

Most importantly, they know exactly what’s available to buy and can guide you well.

You really do need to find the right thing if you want to optimize your rest. Whether you’re buying in-store or online, always consult expert advice so you can make an informed purchase.

Purchasing a Bed in a Box Might Take Longer

Though it might seem like shopping in-store is the lengthier way to get yourself a new mattress, in reality, that’s probably not the case.

This applies to delivery times first and foremost. Mattress stores offer next-day delivery, meaning you can get your good sleep as soon as possible. The delivery period for an online store can be anything up to nine days – and this is subject to extension based on circumstances.

Looking past the delivery time in itself, there is more to the story. It is worth noting that the whole process of looking for your mattress to being settled in your ideal sleep routine is likely to be shorter when buying in-store.

This is because you can do everything in one go and get it right the first time.

Though it might seem more laborious, shopping in-store removes all of the risks that come with purchasing a mattress online. An expert can help you choose and purchase the right mattress in one trip. If delivered flat, there is no unpleasant off-gassing period to deal with.

You can be sleeping like a log within two days of stepping foot instore.

That’s what you want when you set out to buy a mattress, and you can have it. Don’t settle for shopping from home – go that extra mile and make sure you get exactly what you need, as swiftly as you deserve.

Save On Emotion and Finacial Expenses

comfortable bed in a box

A lot goes into an investment, like buying a mattress. Not just money, buy emotional and physical expenses too.

Shopping online has its benefits. It can be done from the comfort of your home, without a great deal of trial and error. But you may set yourself up for more financial and emotional trouble later on.

You don’t want to end up in a position where you must either sleep on an uncomfy mattress for a month or pay double for a different one whilst you can’t access a return. Not to mention the trouble of having to haul a mattress to your front door to be collected. And remember that whilst a company like Casper will arrange pickup for returns, not all online mattress companies do.

It’s worth getting it right from the get-go.

Shopping in-store can help you to avoid later fees, warranty issues, and troubles. Trying your mattress means you’re free from the worry that you’ve picked one you’ll hate. You can get your great sleep with stunning ease.

Getting the Right Mattress Matters

There are no two ways about it: sleep is important. So it’s worth taking that extra step and going to a store to buy your mattress instead of purchasing a bed in a box. Your efforts will reward you in the long run.

If you’re on the lookout for a new mattress, be sure to have a look at our blog for more tips and expert advice.

Once you know all there is to know; there’s no need to wait. It’s time to get a good night’s sleep. Get your mattress testing hat on and find a store near you today.

Advantages of In-Store Mattress Purchase vs Bed In a Box

Bed In A Box

In-Store Purchase

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Don't know what you are getting

Feel and test the mattresses in person

Long testing period with a mattress that may be uncomfortable

Find the right mattress before leaving the store

Lack of sleep if the mattress is uncomfortable

Sleep well having already tested the comfort before purchasing

Unsure purchase that you may have to return

Walk out of the store with confidence in your purchase

Limited mattress choices:

  • memory foam
  • gel

More variety to choose from:

  • memory foam
  • hybrid
  • latex
  • air/number
  • smart beds
  • innerspring

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