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Purple Rejuvenate Mattress

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Layers of the Purple Mattress: Cooling quilted comfort cover with antimicrobial finish. Dual comfort foam layers. GelFlex Grid Plus. Edge support foam. Three zone responsive coils. Edge support system.

The best of both worlds — innovative support with a luxurious Euro Top feel.

Seamlessly fall into deep sleep on the Purple Rejuvenate™, featuring a Quilted Comfort Cover for classic Euro Top cushioning that adapts to your body and supportive stability from the GelFlex® Grid Plus. A three-zone coil core provides firm, targeted support.

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38″ X 80″
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Cal King
72″ X 84″
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Features of the Purple Rejuvenate Mattress

15.5-Inch Mattress

For sleepers seeking a balance of plush comfort and supportive firmness in their mattress, the Purple Rejuvenate is the ideal solution. This thoughtfully designed model combines multiple advanced technologies to bring you an unparalleled sleeping experience.

At the very top, a silky-soft quilted cover provides a luxurious feel against your skin. Beneath this lies a comfort layer of Active Response foam that quickly adapts to your body’s unique contours. Next is a layer of Ultra Comfort foam for enhanced pressure relief and cushioning.

The key component of the Rejuvenate is its 2.5 inch layer of Purple’s proprietary GelFlex grid. The hyper-elastic polymer flexes under areas like your shoulders and hips while remaining sturdy to support proper spinal alignment. The open grid structure also allows body heat to dissipate for a cool, comfortable sleep.

For dynamic support, the Rejuvenate has an 8 inch pocketed coil unit with different firmness zones. Firmer coils below the midsection keep your spine on an even plane. Softer coils at the head and feet allow your shoulders and legs to sink in for reduced pressure points.

By bringing together these advanced materials, the Rejuvenate mattress provides an unbeatable combination of contouring softness and reactive support. Keep reading to learn why this could be your next dream mattress.

Feel the Difference of the Responsive GelFlex Grid

Unlike foam layers that can make you feel stuck in the mattress, the GelFlex grid offers a weightless, floating sensation. As you change positions at night, the hyper-elastic polymer flexes and adapts nearly instantaneously. This provides continuous comfort and support regardless of how much you move.

The grid’s open structure also encourages airflow to keep you cool. The elasticity allows it to gently shift around your body’s curves while maintaining healthy alignment for your head, shoulders, hips, and legs. You get a personalized balance of comfort and support.

Indulge in Plush Contouring Comfort

The quilted cover and foam layers work together to hug your body in plush softness and cushion pressure points. The Active Response foam instantly conforms to your shape when you first lie down. As you continue sinking in, the Ultra Comfort foam envelops you in its deep contouring properties.

These comfort materials allow you to experience that blissful feel of floating on top of the mattress. The foams cradle areas like your shoulders and hips without allowing you to dip too far into the bed and throw your spine off balance. You get just the right amount of plush give.

Sleep Soundly on Differentiated Support

The zoned pocketed coil unit provides the deep-down support the Rejuvenate mattress needs to keep your body properly aligned. The coils are firmer in the center to reinforce the spine’s natural curvature. The coils have more give at the head and feet to accommodate the shoulders and legs.

The differentiated support matches the varying weight distribution and pressure points of your body. The Rejuvenate keeps your spine, neck, and joints supported regardless of your sleep position or mattress location. The pocketed coils also minimize motion transfer across the bed.

Experience Personalized Comfort and Support

By bringing together contouring comfort foams, the adaptive GelFlex grid, and zoned pocketed coils, the Rejuvenate mattress delivers an unbeatable sleep experience. You enjoy instant pressure relief along with responsive support for continued comfort and spinal alignment.

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Every aspect of the Purple Rejuvenate mattress works together to provide you a perfect balance of plushness and firmness. Visit a Best Mattress location today to discover why the Purple Rejuvenate mattress could be the mattress of your dreams. Our sleep experts can help match you with the right mattress to meet your needs for a better night’s rest.

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