Purple Restore Firm Hybrid mattressPurple Restore Firm Hybrid mattress

Purple Restore Firm Mattress

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Layers of the Purple Mattress: Softflex cover with antimicrobial finish. GelFlex Grid. Edge support foam. Comfort foam. Responsive coils.


Purple Restore mattress pairs excellent pressure point cradling from the GelFlex® Grid with full-body support and superior breathability from the coil core for restorative sleep available in a soft and firm feel to find your perfect comfort match.

Available Bed Sizes

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Twin XL
38″ X 80″
54″ X 75″
60″ X 80″
76″ X 80″
Cal King
72″ X 84″
Twin XL size mattress dimensions Full size mattress dimensions Queen size mattress dimensions King size mattress dimensions California King size mattress dimensions

Features of the Purple Restore Firm Mattress

11.5-Inch Mattress


The GelFlex Grid comfort layer instantly adapts as you move, reconfiguring itself to support any position your body takes. There’s no lag time or interruption of that blissful floating feel, so you can roll, shift, or turn without interrupting your sleep.

  • GelFlex® Grid instantly adapts to your body
  • SoftFlex Cover stretches with the GelFlex® Grid as you move


Purple’s Proprietary GelFlex® Grid draws excess heat from the body, paired with a coil core that allows heat to dissipate for optimal sleeping temperatures that promote deep sleep.

  • 2” GelFlex® Grid draws heat away so you won’t sleep hot
  • Coil core allows heat to dissipate for enhanced temperature regulation.


The flexible GelFlex Grid adapts to conform to pressure points like your hips and shoulders, with a layer of Comfort Foam providing extra padding and a Responsive Coil core that reacts with the Grid as you move and wake up restored.

  • GelFlex® Grid contours and conforms to your body’s pressure points 
  • Comfort Foam layer enhances GelFlex Grid as it cradles pressure points
  • Responsive Coil core react to pressure quickly as you move
  • SoftFlex Cover stretches to move with the GelFlex Grid layers as they conform to your body


The GelFlex® Grid with a durable Edge Support Foam work seamlessly with edge-to-edge Responsive Coils to provide amazing support from head to toe.

  • 2″ GelFlex® Grid strong yet flexible column structure provides support
  • Durable Edge Support Foam provides additional support as you get in and out of bed
  • Responsive Coil core offers dynamic support

Give the Purple Restore Firm mattress a try at one of our many mattress stores in Las Vegas and St. George or shop online.

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