Beautyrest Sleeptracker MonitorBeautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor

Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor

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Precise Behavior Monitoring – respiration, heart rate, sleep cycles, body movement
Powerful and Smart Data – records two sleepers separately, Wi-Fi enabled, syncs to app
Personalized – tools and coaching tips to help you get the most out of your sleep

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Precise Behavior Monitoring

  • Respiration and heart rate.
  • Light sleep, deep sleep and REM cycles.
  • Body movement and interruptions.


Powerful And Smart Data Synthesis

  • Records two sleepers separately.
  • Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Syncs to Beautyrest Sleeptracker app.


Personalized Tools And Coaching Tips

  • Time spent in each phase of sleep and in REM.
  • Alarm system wakes you up at the optimal time.
  • Nightly sleep scores and daily, weekly, and monthly sleep-trend reports.
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