Instant Comfort Mattresses in Las Vegas & St. George

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Discover how technology can combine with luxury to create the ultimate bed for relaxation with our Instant Comfort collection.

The Original Number Bed

These are the original number bed (air) products at a much more affordable price and provide a fantastic value for money. You can get the ultimate level of support you want for far less than you might imagine. Instant Comfort mattresses are designed to provide a customized level of comfort for both you and your partner. The mattress requires two bases that allow the split head mattress to adjust independently on the left and right sides. 

There are numerous features that ensure that these beds stand out when compared to the competition. 

Modular Construction

First, they have a modular construction. The different layers come together to provide a complete level of comfort. Since the bed is modular, it’s easy to repair and replace individual elements. This is another great way that the beds provide an additional level of value. You won’t need to worry about replacing the entire mattress. Rest assured, each section is designed to the highest standard of quality and provides individual key benefits for you. 

The mattresses also benefit from a lock-tight edge design. This means that the bed will always retain its shape and the different sections remain in the right place. You won’t have to worry about different areas of the bed bulging out creating issues with discomfort. Instead, the bed will remain completely smooth through the night. 

Layers of Comfort

Every Instant Comfort mattress provides a wide range of different layers as part of the bed design. A smooth top cover also helps keep the bed cool and will feel soft against your skin. It even provides benefits if you tend to suffer from allergies. A memory foam layer will ensure that you get relief for different areas of your body. Individual air pockets provide an advanced level of customization so you can find the perfect sleep position. 

Different Control Options 

When you choose to purchase an Instant Comfort mattress, you will always be provided with two controls as standard. These will ensure that you can customize the settings for both the left and right sides of the bed. Remember, a key component is that adjusting one side of the bed won’t disturb your partner sleeping on the other side. You can position the bed so you can sit up without impacting them. The controls provide a total of 45 different settings to choose from and are easy to operate. 

Alternatively, you might want to think about using the smart app. The Instant Comfort App can be downloaded on a wide range of different smart devices. It will allow you to control both sides of the bed from your smartphone. You can adjust the settings and, more importantly, save the settings so that you can instantly access them time and time again. 

25-Year Warranty 

You’ll also be delighted to discover that these beds come with long limited warranties that last a total of 25 years!

Available Bed Sizes

Twin Bed

39″ X 75″

Twin XL Bed

39″ X 80″

Full Bed

54″ X 75″

Queen Bed

60″ X 80″

King Bed

76″ X 80″

California King Bed

72″ X 84″

Queen Flex Head Bed

60″ X 80″

King Flex Head Bed

76″ X 80″

Cal King Flex Head Bed

72″ X 84″

Cal King Split Bed

72″ X 84″