Sherwood Bases

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Choosing the right mattress base is an essential part of searching for a new bed set. The Sherwood mattress base provides the extra support that allows your mattress to provide ultimate comfort.

Sherwood is a third-generation mattress company with over a century of perfecting its mattress production and technology. The end result is a Sherwood mattress foundation that is both supportive and highly durable. These mattress bases are an investment that will continue to support healthy sleep habits for years to come.

Fine Workmanship of a Sherwood Mattress Base

Sherwood mattress bases are crafted from a combination of steel and wood which is one reason they come with a ten-year warranty. While Sherwood guarantees their mattress foundation for ten years, this finely crafted mattress base can easily last longer if cared for properly.

The stylish black covering and steel plates pair well with any decor and any mattress. Available in multiple sizes, the Sherwood mattress foundation is supportive and able to absorb motion which compliments a fine mattress while preventing cracks from occurring within the mattress base over time.

Sherwood Black Knit 5-Inch Low Profile Foundation

This Sherwood mattress base is designed to be the perfect accompaniment to a tall, thick mattress. While the Sherwood mattress foundation sits low, it packs a large amount of support and strength into its five inches.

Crafted out of wood and supported by steel, this mattress foundation is highly durable while maintaining a semi-flex design. The frame is able to absorb movement and impact to ensure its user gets a good night’s sleep.

Sherwood Black Knit 9-Inch Foundation

Sherwood also offers a 9-inch foundation that is also made of wood and steel with steel supports to ensure that the mattress is practically indestructible.

The thicker base fits inside of any standard outer bed frame while adding extra support and absorbing movement. The black knight Sherwood mattress foundation is attractive and does not require a mattress skirt to compliment the decor of a room.

About Sherwood Mattress

Sherwood is a third-generation mattress company that stands behind each mattress and foundation they create. Sherwood has a fresh new range of products and research that has helped position them as a leading mattress and base manufacturer.

As a debt-free mattress manufacturer, Sherwood is able to offer products direct to consumers and pioneer new changes and innovations without restrictions. As a result, the Sherwood mattress foundations are certainly worth more than a second glance.