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A lot of effort goes into finding the right mattress and pillows. While the mattress is undeniably important, something not always considered is the quality of bed sheet. A bed sheet can make all the difference in comfort and should therefore not be forgotten.

A good night’s sleep starts with high-quality and breathable bed sheets and pillowcases. Best Mattress offers a wide selection of bed sheets and pillowcase sets to choose from.

Available across 21 stores in Las Vegas and Utah as well as through our website, we strive to offer our customers a convenient method of purchasing exceptional bed sheet and pillowcase sets.

Bed Sheet Sets in Las Vegas

Our selection of luxury bed sheet sets offered in-store and online, including a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and pillowcases available in different sizes. We have several different brands of bed sheet sets to choose from.


PureCare manufactures incredible bed sheet sets. A brand that offers quality for a great price, they are easily one of the best brands on the market today. We have three fabulous PureCare bed sheet sets to choose from Tencel, Bamboo, and Modal.

Each brand is exceptionally smooth and cool to the touch to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. PureCare bed sheets are crafted for long-lasting comfort. The fitted sheets and pillowcases include Precision-Fit corners designed to fit naturally with both adjustable and standard mattresses. The Precision-Fit corners and specially designed elastic cuffs provide a crisp and secure fit throughout the night.

All PureCare Elements sheets also come treated with antimicrobial silver chloride, which is specifically designed to prevent mildew, mold, or bacteria and the damage they cause including stains and deterioration.


Fabrictech bed sheet sets are breathable, 100% cotton sheets. For those who prefer cotton sheets, Fabrictech’s bed sheets should be your first choice every time. Featuring Precision-Fit corners, Fabrictech sheets will fit securely to the bed all night long. This sheet set fits mattresses up to 18” deep. The cotton weave feels cozy and wonderful to the touch.

Fabricitech bed sheets come in a variety of solid colors with a thread count of 600. They are made in India and are simply remarkable. At Best Mattress, we have the fabulous 100% cotton sheet set, microfiber sheet set, and luxury microfiber sheet set.

PureCare and PureCare’s Fabrictech line provide each customer with value-driven options so customers never have to compromise quality for price. Always receive the best with Fabrictech.


WOVEN 600tc blend sheets are an excellent choice of bed sheets sold in our Las Vegas stores or online. These polyester blend sheets are wrinkle-resistant and available in a variety of neutral colors. The WOVEN bed sheet set is ideal for luxury and durability with a deep pocket design that fits most mattresses.

Pillowcase Sets

Best Mattress has a variety of premium pillowcases including modal, bamboo, 100% cotton, and luxury microfiber sets. Quality and luxury are always included in every brand and material available in our Las Vegas stores or purchased online. Here are a few of our brands.


Available in three different types, PureCare Elements Premium Tencel, PureCare Elements Modal, and PureCare Elements Bamboo.

PureCare’s pillow sets are loved by millions of people across the world – and it is easy to see why! PureCare pillowcases fit perfectly on most mattresses. They are crafted with first-rate materials and feature antimicrobial silver chloride technology to prevent damage and odors from mold, mildew, and bacteria.


Created by PureCare, the Fabrictech pillowcases are wonderfully comfortable. The 100% cotton pillowcases are sure to provide a restful night. The microfiber pillowcase set was designed with the sleeper’s comfort in mind with an added layer of luxury.

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