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How to Choose the Best Pillow

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There is an abundance of mattresses, pillows, sheets, and bedding all boasting better sleep, but how do you know what the best options are for you?

If you want to get the best possible sleep, you need to have the proper pillow to fit your head and next. The quality, fill type, and material all play a part in what makes the best pillow. However, your sleeping position is the largest factor in choosing the right pillow.

The best pillow for you will keep your head supported and in alignment with your spine. There shouldn’t be any crunching of your neck or back. Your sleeping position—side-lying, stomach sleeping, or lying on your back—are determining factor in choosing your pillow.

What’s the Best Fill for Your Pillow?

There are many types of pillows on the market each boasting its benefits, but what fill is the best for you? From cushiony down pillows to shredded memory foam, it can seem that the options are endless. How do you choose?

The first difference between fill types is the feel. The way you want your pillow to feel comes down to personal preference. However, before you run to the store and start trying out pillows, try this.

Start by ruling out fill and material types that aren’t beneficial for your health. For example, if you have allergies, you’ll want to pick something that is hypoallergenic. In other words, a down pillow is not for you.

Natural and Antimicrobial Fills

Choosing an antimicrobial fill like bamboo can benefit your health and improve your sleep. If you’re already struggling with allergies certain pillows may be adding to your discomfort. Over time, your pillow collects bacteria, dirt, and allergens. Even with a pillowcase, your pillow can collect a lot of unwanted particles.

Dead skin cells, makeup, facial grease, possibly food, and who knows what else is collecting on the surface of your pillow. It’s not pleasant to think about, but unfortunately, it’s true. So why not get ahead of the bacteria and choose something that is hypoallergenic?

A natural fill for your pillow will benefit you whether you struggle with allergies or not.

Fills with Moldability and Support

Next, you’ll want to pick out pillows based on the ones that give the best support for your specific sleeping position. You don’t want a thick pillow that misaligns your spine. Instead choose something that gives good moldability, like a memory foam pillow.

There are several types of memory foam pillows to choose from. Shredded memory foam lets you adjust it to the shape you want it. Regular memory foam naturally molds to the shape of your head and neck giving you support.

Correct bed pillow height for back sleepers

Correct bed pillow height for side sleepers

No matter your sleeping position, you want to make sure that your spine remains aligned. That means finding a pillow that fills the space between your head and the mattress and provides good support. Your head shouldn’t fall back when laying on your back, but shouldn’t be scrunched up with your chin on your chest either. The same goes for laying on your side or stomach.

Imagine your spine as a straight line. As you’re trying out pillows, look for the type of material that best contours your body.

Side sleeper with body pillow

Fills with Cooling Comfort

If you sleep hot, you will love the comfort that a cooling gel foam or latex pillow has to offer. Memory foam and latex offer exceptional support. The combination of memory foam and cooling gel beads or the natural cooling of latex brings deeper meaning to the word comfort.

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Gel beads and vented latex are designed to absorb and draw heat away from the sleeper. This cooling technology brings optimal comfort. Sure, you can always turn the AC down or kick the covers off, but what about the side of your head, face, and neck buried in a pillow? Cooling technology helps to regulate the temperature of your entire body.

Pillows for Your Body Size

Lastly, you want to choose a pillow that fits your body size. A thinner person may have less space between the mattress and their head than a larger-bodied person. Choose a high, medium, or low profile pillow based on whichever provides the best spinal alignment and support.

If you are unsure of which size is best for you, or you are a combination sleeper, a Purple Pillow with Boosters or a Purple TwinCloud Pillow is a great option to help you find the perfect height. Both Purple pillows are adjustable to find that perfect fit.

Looking for the best pillow for you?

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