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Hot Nights Make You Sleepless

Do you find yourself awake in the middle of the night with a parched throat?  Do you find yourself overly alert as you try to fall asleep? Have you woken up the next morning feeling groggy and irritable instead of refreshed and ready for the day?  It seems like you might have issues with a hot sleeping environment.

Turns out, there are scientific reasons that the heat keeps you awake at night.  Hot temperatures play tricks on your mind – making your brain think it’s daytime and that you should be up doing things.  The heat also drains energy by making you sweat and making you fidget and move all night to find a cool place.

To get a restful night, you simply need a cooler room temperature.  Here are some more suggestions for getting a cooler sleeping environment:

Keep the blinds in your bedroom closed during the day.  This will keep sunlight and heat from getting trapped all night where you sleep.

Get a dehumidifier.  Humidity makes heat more uncomfortable.  It causes sweat to accumulate on your skin and makes sheets uncomfortable.  And unfortunately, humidity rises during hotter times of year.

Surround yourself with breathable fabrics.  Make sure your pajamas and bedsheets are of a breathable material, like cotton, hemp or linen.

Lastly, this is the time to consider a new mattress that transfers excess heat away from the body.  Come check out our Tempur-pedic mattresses in St. George and Las Vegas.

Our TEMPUR-Cloud in Las Vegas is ideal for helping you stay cool through the night.  This bed is designed with state-of-the-art cooling material starting in the core and working outward.  First, the core is designed to transfer heat throughout the mattress. Then, the comfort layer of the mattress is infused with cooling materials that draw excess heat away from you.  Finally, the cover is breathable, moisture wicking, and infused with cooling technology. This bed is the ultimate in sleeping technology – reminiscent of our paleolithic ancestors’ cool sleeping conditions, while offering outstanding comfort that is only possible with today’s technology.  If you’re considering Tempurpedic in Las Vegas, come visit your nearest Best Mattress to check this mattress out.