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Don’t Lose Sleep Over Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Best Mattress


Thanksgiving time is almost here! We don’t know about you, but at Best Mattress it is one of our favorite times of the year. What is not to love with all of the yummy food around like pumpkin pie and rolls and turkey?

With Thanksgiving also comes a lot of travel and a lot of visitors, there is also a lot of energy to spend and things to do which can lead to stress. Unfortunately, as many great things as there are about this time of year, sleep can sometimes suffer overall. If you are travelling for thanksgiving, or just struggling to sleep, here are sometimes that can help you get a good night’s sleep during the hustle and bustle of November through January.

Here are some tips for a good night’s sleep over Thanksgiving:

1: Bring your own pillow.

If you are staying at a hotel or visiting family and friends, your own pillow can help you sleep better. Your body is already used to your pillow, and you also won’t risk picking up allergens in another pillow that’s not your own. Also, consider using a pillow protector. See the selection we offer at Best Mattress.

2: Lavender can help you sleep.

Sense of smell is a huge factor when it comes to sleeping well. The National Sleep Foundation found that putting some lavender oil on your pillow can lower your heart rate and blood pressure which helps you relax.

3: If you’re tired a lot, it’s not just from turkey.

It is a misconception that turkey makes you feel tired. The real culprit is actually eating too much. A way to avoid this is by spreading out your eating. We know this is hard to do on the big Thanksgiving day, but at least wait an hour or two before breaking into the pie.

4: Don’t nap for too long.

Naps can be a great way to get through the day. But, napping for longer than a half hour can have negative impacts and make it hard to fall asleep at a normal time later that night. Setting an alarm can ensure you don’t nap for too long.

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The Best Mattress team wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving! We have over twenty locations in St. George and Las Vegas. Come see us for a new pillow or pillow protector to help ensure good rest over the holiday!