Sleep Tip #51 Lack of Exercise

There are many benefits to exercising, including a great night’s sleep! If you are too sedentary throughout your day, you may never feel sleepy or you may feel sleepy all the time. When you move your body and incorporate regular aerobic exercise you can promote good sleep. For more information on better sleep, visit Best Mattress. Share your food craving tips and tricks with us … Continued

Best Mattress November 2017 Newsletter

Hello Best Mattressians, One holiday dinner down and Black Friday is officially upon us. Fill your bellies with left-overs and fill your day with Best Mattress news! All links & videos are click-able. See attached and have a grand weekend. Best Mattress November Newsletter

Better Sleep for A Better Black Friday

  If you are gearing up for Black Friday shopping, it is important to prepare. You don’t want your health to suffer while you are searching for great deals and saving lots of money. At Best Mattress, we know how important a good night’s sleep is. If you are planning to stay up late to go out Black Friday shopping we have got a great … Continued

Sleep Tip #50 Sleep & The Holidays

Keep a consistent sleep/wake schedule, even on Holidays. Sticking to your work-week sleep and wake schedule over the weekend or on Holidays sounds like torture to most of us, but it’s a wise move where sleep is concerned. Staying up and sleeping in later than normal can shift your body’s natural clock in the same way that cross-country travel does. This so–called jet lag can … Continued

Sleep Tip #49 Clearing Your Mind

Ever had a ton of stuff running through your mind you can’t fall asleep? You wake up in the middle of the night stressing about the things you’re supposed to do the next day? To relax enough to fall asleep, your brain needs to be clear and unwind. You may find it helpful to create a list and write down whatever it is you are … Continued

The Benefits of Memory Foam

All of us want to get a good night’s sleep. We want to be able to fall into a bed that is comfortable and helps us get a better night’s sleep. If you are struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep, your mattress could be the problem. If you have an old mattress, or just one that isn’t comfortable for you, then that could be … Continued

Tips to Survive Daylight Savings

At Best Mattress, we provide our clients with a wide selection of mattresses including different brands and models. We have 22 locations spread across Las Vegas, Mesquite, and St. George, so we make it easy for you to come to see us. Beyond our commitment to helping each one of our customers find the perfect mattress for them, we also like to help our clients … Continued

Sleep Tip #48 Daylight Savings Time

“SPRING forward, FALL back!” It’s hard to believe its Daylight Savings time again. You set your clocks back an hour but how does this affect your sleep schedule? The good news is in the Fall, you can add an hour of sleep to your schedule. Due to your body’s circadian clock you may wake up earlier than usual. Be sure to take advantage of this … Continued

Sleep Tip #47 Get Bed-ready

After a hectic, stressful, or action-packed day, our brains need some time to catch up and to make order of things before we’re ready to fall asleep. We have to learn to apply the brakes before the car is in the garage. Basically, clearing your head is key to a good night of sleep. Simply taking 15 minutes to sit quietly, meditate, pray, or do … Continued

Sleeping with a Baby Bump

Trying to get comfortable with a baby bump is a constant concern. Sleeping brings an entirely new world of problems. Medical professionals recommend sleeping on your left side if you are pregnant as it allows for proper blood flow to the fetus. Since you are limited to only one sleeping position in a body that is already uncomfortable, a proper mattress will make a world … Continued