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The Benefits of Memory Foam

Side view of the Tempur-Flex Supreme Breeze Mattress

All of us want to get a good night’s sleep. We want to be able to fall into a bed that is comfortable and helps us get a better night’s sleep. If you are struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep, your mattress could be the problem. If you have an old mattress, or just one that isn’t comfortable for you, then that could be why you are tossing and turning all night.

These days there are many options for mattresses that provide comfort and relaxation. As advances in technology have occurred, comfortable mattresses with smarter sleep surfaces have been created. One of these innovations you’ve probably heard of, and that is memory foam.

What is memory foam?

This material was developed for NASA in the 1960s for use in airplane seats, but now it can be found in many products including pillows, mattresses, and footwear. At first, memory foam was an expensive material, but, over time, advances in production and technology have reduced the cost. This is why memory foam is found in many shoes, office chairs, and mattresses!


Memory Foam Mattresses

Mattresses are where memory foam is used often. This is because the material has many benefits that make for a very comfortable material to sleep on. Memory foam has a high-density foam composition that is both soft and energy absorbent which makes it nearly perfect as a mattress material.


What are the benefits of memory foam over a standard mattress?

First, memory foam molds to your body shape. This allows the surface to evenly distribute your body weight and then return to its original shape when you aren’t using it.

Second, memory foam can provide support that is temperature controlled. Memory foam mattresses are made with a temperature-sensitive material that allows the mattress to adjust to your temperature. Some memory foam mattresses come with cooling features to help you stay cool at night and not overheat.

Third, memory foam has many pain relieving benefits. The material can help displace pressure from points of pain on your body.

Fourth, many memory foam mattresses are made of polyurethane foam which is allergy resistant. Standard mattresses can over time have thousands to millions of dust mites accumulating inside of it. But memory foam’s dense makeup helps prevent allergens from accumulating.

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