Do you have an old bed frame that you love, but you are concerned about the amount of support it is offering your mattress set? The Bedbeam™ Support System is designed to offer additional strength and support to a wide variety of bed frames without compromising aesthetics, structural integrity, and functionality. Pre-assembled to make installation easy, these bed supports can be slid into place in seconds, protecting your investment. The Bedbeam™ Support System is available in standard and deluxe versions, created with these benefits and features.

Superior Support

Mattresses rely on support to function properly, which is why The Bedbeam™ Support System is so helpful. These durable, easy-to-move supports can be arranged around current support beams, keeping your mattress set more stable. Even weight distribution helps to extend the lifespan of your mattress set, saving you money and keeping you more comfortable overnight.

Patented, Reinforced Steel Construction

To protect your mattress set, every Knickerbocker bed frame is made with cold-rolled steel from the Jersey Shore Steel Company. This recycled railroad steel is incredibly strong and riveted, helping people to sleep soundly without worrying about things like excess noise. In fact, Knickerbocker frames have a patented design that has been shown to be twice as strong as traditional iron bedframes.

Drop and Lock Technology

Designed to be easy to install, The Bedbeam™ Support System contains legs that extend to fit your bed frame height, and then turn to lock into place. Supports can be installed in seconds without using any additional tools or equipment. Available in heights ranging from 5 to 18 inches, The Bedbeam™ Support System makes it easy to retrofit any old bed to make it more stable.

Generous Width Adjustment

The Bedbeam™ Support System allows users to extend the rails up to two inches per side, making it easy to accommodate custom-made bed frames in Las Vegas.

Made In America

Knickerbocker believes in creating a stronger America, which is why all of their bed frames are completely fabricated and assembled in the United States. In addition to creating jobs and strengthening the economy, Knickerbocker is focused on using sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.

Best Mattress: Your Source for Knickerbocker Frames

Best Mattress is dedicated to offering their customers with all of the best bed frames, mattress sets, and accessories, which is why they are proud to carry premium Knickerbocker products. Knickerbocker, a family owned and operated company that has been in business for nearly 100 years, is completely dedicated to superior construction, responsible manufacturing, and customer satisfaction. Best Mattress carries several varieties of Knickerbocker bed frames, ranging from basic models to versions designed with warm-to-the-touch construction and heavy-duty weight limits. If you are interested in purchasing a new bed frame, visit your nearest Best Mattress today.