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When Should I Rotate My Mattress?

Some people don’t realize that mattresses wear out over time and need to be replaced. However, there are things that you can do to increase the lifetime of your mattress. One of the techniques to extend your mattress’ life expectancy is to rotate it every so often. A new mattress should ideally be rotated every three months. However, if you begin to feel your mattress sagging in places, you should not hesitate to rotate your mattress. Ideally, use your best judgement, and consider when the last time you rotated your mattress was.

How Do I Rotate My Mattress?

There is a technique in which you can utilize that will allow you to rotate and flip your mattress at the same time. You rotate the mattress at a 90 degree angle so that it is hanging over one end. At that point, you raise the mattress on an edge and lower the mattress over so that the other side is facing up. Once you’ve done that, it is a simple matter of turning the mattress 90 degrees further. When you’ve completed this process, the reverse side should now be facing up and what used to be the foot of bed is now at the head.


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When Do I Need A New Mattress?

If you have rotated your mattress and found that it didn’t not have a wide reaching impact on your comfortability or your sleep, then we recommend considering getting a new mattress from Best Mattress. We are located in St. George, UT, Mesquite NV, and all over Las Vegas. The condition of your mattress has a far reaching impact and effect on your sleep pattern and overall wellbeing. With an older mattress, you’ll have difficulty getting comfortable at night which will lead to trouble sleeping. Once asleep, you’ll have trouble maintaining a comfortable sleep throughout the night due to tossing and turning.

If you’re unsure of whether or not you’re in need of a new mattress then it might be wise to start keeping a sleeping log on a piece of paper by the side of your bed, or use an app like Sleep Cycle (which is available for Android and iPhone) which will give you data on how much sleep your are getting. It can take a few weeks to appraise how restful your sleep is. So if you feel like it isn’t as restful as it should be, come to our store and talk to our mattress experts about finding the right mattress for you to ensure that you are receiving the sleep that you should be. And don’t forget, once you get that new mattress, make sure you rotate it regularly in order to increase the longevity and lifespan of your new mattress.

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