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Top 3 Reasons You Need A Pillow Protector

Pillows are surprisingly very susceptible to a lot of germs and mold. The simple solution to giving your pillows the longevity they deserve is a pillow protector from Best Mattress in Las Vegas

Pillow protectors play a considerable role in keeping you happy and healthy and also ensuring you get the best possible night’s sleep you can. We are going to take a look today at the top three reasons you need a pillow protector

1. Major Reduction of Allergens & Bedbugs

One of the most important reasons to use a pillow protector is for the sake of your health. Most do not realize that many illnesses they might suffer throughout their lives stem from their pillows.

Pillows, when not adequately protected, can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. This bacteria and mold feed off the moisture you introduce to your pillow when you sweat and pass your body fluids through to the pillow as you sleep. 

People living with Asthma should also take extra care with their pillows. The pillow can play host to skin cells and dust, especially when not protected by a pillow protector.

Having a pillow protector can reduce the risk of these things happening exponentially. The first thing we should mention is the ability to protect against your bodily fluids. Pillow protectors are all designed to be waterproof and protect your pillows against your bodily fluids.

As pillow protectors also work to cover the entirety of the pillow, this also has huge advantages when it comes to protecting the pillow from bed bug infestations.   

2. Keeps The Pillows Clean

If there is one thing we all want, it’s a nice clean pillow. As we have previously mentioned, a pillow protector from Best Mattress in Las Vegas protects from bodily fluids, but its level of protection doesn’t stop here. 

The pillow protector also helps protect the pillow from the elements of the days when you are not around. Over time, the pillow can, without protection, can come into contact with all sorts of contaminants, the pillow protector puts an instant stop to this.

The glorious thing about a pillow protector is also the ease when it comes to cleaning them. You can, of course, remove the pillow protector whenever you like and throw it in the washing machine. 

While many people believe they can do this with the pillow itself, this can pose certain dangers. The pillow when you come to wash it may contain mold spores. Mold spores can increase when they come into contact with water. The issues with washing a pillow is that lack of certainty when it comes to knowing if it’s dry. 

3. Peace Of Mind

If there is one thing you can get from a pillow protector, it’s a peace of mind. Whether you are travelling to a hotel or even abroad, taking your pillow protector with you can keep you protected. 

Pillow protectors are of course, lightweight, so there is no harm in packing more than one for your holiday. After all, you cannot put a price on a healthy and great night’s sleep, no matter where you are in the world.

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