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What we think of Beautyrest Black

[This post was updated on November 2, 2020, to add transcription from the videos.]

Beautyrest boasts the most luxurious line of sleep products in the nation! Those in the mattress industry and experts in the field can certainly validate this claim. But don’t just take it from us. Consumers are not shy about voicing their opinions on the web in various blog posts, video reviews and tweets. Often, people turn to online reviews before purchasing a high-ticket product such as a mattress.

Review videos posted online about Beautyrest Black’s high-performance sleep technology are positive. Considering every BODY is different, we invite you to try it for yourself and form your own opinion. Check out some of these online reviews as well as the Beautyrest Black launch video below.

“Come discover an unparalleled sleep experience!”

“Introducing Beautyrest Black.”

“Luxury that transcends mere comfort.”

“With advanced pocketed coiled technology that delivers exceptional conforming back support and pressure relief.”

“BlackIce memory foam, a breathable gel technology applied to our micro-diamond memory foam designed to keep you comfortable throughout the night.”

“And Surface Cool Plus fiber designed to help gently move heat away from the body for a cool and peaceful night’s rest.”

“Welcome home to your exclusive haven for deep luxurious sleep.”

“Hey everyone! This is Sara from Simply Mom and Dad. We are here with our follow-up 6-month review for the Beautyrest mattress and I will say it is worth every dime and penny. It is truly an investment. However, when you want a great night’s sleep and you want to wake up pain-free, we are not even in our 50’s, but with our old mattress I will tell ya, I was waking up with hip pain. I thought I had hip problems and arthritis. Well, we just had a bad mattress.”

“This one, I went through 20 weeks of pregnancy fully and never woke up with ake or pain and it was really worth every penny. It inspired us to redo our entire bedroom. So we repainted it a nice light color. This happens to be Tradewind from Sherwood Williams if you are interested in this color and I actually got the idea off of Fixer Upper. So we went with a soft country feel. We just need to add some pieces to the wall and things like that.”

“So, again, if you’re looking for a great…investment in a mattress…it’s a great investment.”

“With this, you still have the warranty and you have all the benefits of memory foam, plush, and…springs in there as well, but you don’t feel it. It doesn’t make any noise. It’s great.”

“One of the oldest statistics you’ll ever see about people is that we spend about a third of our life in bed. For me that was not the case. I was spending that third on the couch up all night writing on the blog, so I never took too much time to appreciate sleep and how much I needed to recharge my batteries and recharge my life.”

“For a past, I would say six to eight years, I’ve had terrible night’s sleep. I’m up all night keeping my mind busy because I actually hated sleeping in my bed.”

“So…I recently had the opportunity to do some work with Simmons and they provided me with this beautiful bed, This the Beautyrest Black…Plush Pillow Top bed.”

“In the past, I had a bed that was super springy. Every time I moved I would disturb my wife, and I never really took advantage of getting a good night’s sleep. So, once I got the bed I told Simmons that I’ll sleep on it for about a month and I’ll report back in of my review of the bed.”

“First off, one of the first things I noticed was the height of this bed. It’s almost a foot taller than my other bed, and it’s so great to be up off the ground. But Simmons has done is they’ve built so much technology into their…current bed, they have advanced pocket coil technology. So that means there’s a lot of these coils in the bed, but they’re wrapped, and they’re good for distribution of weight. So I can move and not shift my wife while she’s asleep.”

“For me, I run hot, and I think a lot of people do at night, and this bed has…sleep climate surface technologies. So it’s a little more breathable, it gets to…balance your body temperature so you’re not burning up in bed, and having night sweats like crazy.”

“But I think for me personally, the biggest thing about having this new bed is the pillow top with all the hybrid pieces they have built into it. The pillow top is just so plush, but it’s not too plush to where it’s s firm bed. So I absolutely love this Beautyrest Black K Plush Pillow Top. And what I do like about it the most, and I always tell guys, or this is what I believe now, when you get your own place, a new house for the first time, forget about getting the big screen TV — you don’t have to watch TV. You’re going to spend a lot of time in your bed, or you’re going to want to spend a lot of time in your bed. So you definitely want to invest in a great bed, and definitely keep the Simmons Beautyrest Black series — there’s a whole series of beds, but I have the K Plush Pillow Top  — but keep them as an option because you’ll get a great night’s sleep and it’s a beautiful bed. I just…changed my sheets so it’s bare, but I know my old bed I’d just hate looking at it, it was just nasty and gray. This one has a beautiful design built into it. It’s actually a stylish bed. So even when it’s undressed it looks great.”

“So, overall, if I had to give this bed a rating — because this has been the best sleeping experience — I’ve slept in my bed out of the last 30 days, I’ll say like 27 of them and three of those days I was out of town.”

“So, I enjoy sleeping now. I’ve actually been rested very well, and I think for me, someone who is deprived of sleep most of the time, this bed has definitely changed the game for me. So not only does it help my sleep, I feel recharged.”

“The technology that has been put into this bed has made it…I call it like a super bed. My wife can’t feel me rolling around on the other side of the bed, and I sleep cool when I sleep because I run so hot. It’s definitely a great bed to check out.”

“So it’s a Simmons Beautyrest Black…K Plush Pillow Top.”

“So, since I’ve been talking back and forth with Simmons, I was like, yo! People need to really experience this bed for themselves.”

“This bed has so many great things into it. I can’t even tell you all the great features, but be sure to look below this feature for the picture so you can see the actual mockup, but also you will get all the details about the technology that goes into this bed.”

“So, definitely check out the Beautyrest Black series. This is a great bed. This is the K Plush Pillow Top. And thanks for joining me in my room!”