Tempur-Ergo Plus at Best Mattress

If you need a way to take your sleep to another level, look no further than the Tempur-Ergo Plus, now offered by Best Mattress. Designed to offer an unlimited number of sleep positions, this powerful adjustable mattress base is available in Twin, Twin Long, Double, Split Queen, Queen, Split King, and Split California King sizes and withstands a 650-pound weight limit. Here are just a few of the features offered by the Tempur-Ergo Plus, and why you should try one today at your nearest Best Mattress.

Ergonomic Positions

Every person’s preferred sleeping style and position is completely unique, which is why the Tempur-Ergo Plus gives owners the opportunity to adjust the head and food portions of your mattress. The head portion of the base allows users to increase the incline up to 70°, perfect for anyone who likes to use their laptop in bed or watch television. The foot portion of the foundation can is adjustable and can be raised up to 40°, helping people to enjoy a sleeping or lounging position that takes the pressure off of their legs. Additionally, since raising your legs can take pressure off of your circulatory system, this adjustable foundation could help you to relieve swelling in your extremities.

Wireless Remote With Memory Positions

Fitted with a wireless remote, the Tempur-Ergo Plus gives owners the chance to store their remote wherever they need to. If the power fails, the bed can be lowered back to a neutral flat position, so that users don’t have to worry about getting stuck in an uncomfortable position. The wireless remote of the Tempur-Ergo Plus also gives users the opportunity to store two preset positions.

Multiple Height Options

The Tempur-Ergo Plus comes with 12-inch legs that can be replaced with lower 9, 6.5, or 4.5 inch legs to conform to your preferences. The opportunity to adjust your bed height can make it easier to get into and out of your bed, or to use the space underneath your sleeping area for storage.

Fast Response

With the Tempur-Ergo Plus, you won’t have to wait long to get into your favorite sleeping position. The powerful motors offer full lift within 30 seconds of adjusting the remote, making it easy to get to sleep.

Designed To Meld With Your Décor

Every room configuration is a little bit different, and the Tempur-Ergo Plus will not interfere with your décor or furniture choices. Designed to fit inside of standard size bed frames, the Tempur-Ergo Plus blends in seamlessly to any room. With a convenient wall-hugger design, the system doesn’t have clearance requirements, allowing you to push your bed against a wall. Strong, sleek retainer bars on the end of the bed keep the mattress in place while being easy to work around.

Quiet operation

You deserve an adjustable mattress that operates silently, which is why the Tempur-Ergo Plus has a powerful drive motor with strong pulling and pushing power. The system is designed to move the mattress silently, allowing you—and your partner—to sleep soundly.

Generous Manufacturer’s Warranty

Each Tempur-Ergo Plus comes along with a generous complimentary manufacturer’s warranty, covering owners in the event of electrical failure and manufacturer’s defects. The Tempur-Ergo Plus is covered completely for the first three years, with Tempur-Pedic taking care of costs due to electrical failure, motor problems, or part replacement. The company also covers parts for years 4-5, and the base through year 15.

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