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Stearns and Foster vs. King Koil Mattress Review

Stearns and Foster vs King Koil

If you’re looking for the perfect mattress for your bed, there’s no denying that you’ve got an almost limitless choice. These days, you can get mattresses in various shapes, sizes, colors, and firmness levels.

You can even purchase state-of-the-art mattresses that let you adjust comfort levels from the convenience of your smartphone. However, one of the best-selling types of mattresses is the plush pillow top.

What Are Pillow top Mattresses?

A pillow top mattress is one that has an extra layer of padding sewn on top. They enhance the level of cushion on the mattress and are typically made of materials like cotton, wool, memory foam, or latex foam.

Some pillow top mattresses might be referred to as “Euro-top” as they are a style that originates from Europe. What’s the difference between a standard pillow top and a Euro-top? The former is sewn on top of the mattress, while the latter gets sewn underneath.

Pillow top mattresses promote better airflow, resulting in a more breathable mattress. Of course, they also make the mattress feel plusher while simultaneously reducing the top coil layer’s bounce and firmness levels.

Which Pillow Top Mattress Should You Buy?

Two of the market-leading and innovative pillow top mattresses today are the Stearns and Foster Cassatt Plush Pillow Top and the King Koil Tribute Plush Box Pillow Top. Both examples are best-sellers and popular across the United States.

The trouble is, which one should you choose? Which of those mattresses is right for you? Let’s explore the brands behind both of them and the features and benefits of both mattresses to help you make an informed choice.

Stearns and Foster Brand Overview

Stearns and Foster is a mattress brand that is part of Tempur Sealy International. The brand is arguably one of the longest-established ones in the United States and can trace its roots back to 1846 when it was founded in Cincinnati, OH.

The brand is known for how each mattress boasts a timeless design, superior comfort, and premium quality. Each Stearns and Foster mattress gets handcrafted by a select team of certified master craftsmen at its purpose-built facility in Trinity, NC.

It takes a team of four people around eight hours to construct a single mattress from scratch. That’s because Stearns and Foster have a rigorous quality control system in place to ensure that no mattress leaves the factory without passing all tests and checks with flying colors.

Stearns and Foster is one of the leading mattress brands in the United States and boasts several collections catering to all desired levels of firmness, plushness, and budget.

About the Stearns and Foster Cassatt Mattress

The Stearns and Foster Cassatt Plush Pillow Top mattress provides next-level comfort. Buyers of this mattress will immediately notice how it offers a cool and comfortable sleeping experience. That’s thanks to its five main layers in its construction:

PrecisionEdge™ + AirVent

An edge support system that ensures all bed occupants are fully-supported, even right up to the edge of the mattress.

IntelliCoil® HD

The IntelliCoil® HD technology has 20% more coils than other traditional mattress designs.

IntelliCoil® Micro

A layer of smaller, soft coil springs that provide adaptive support to each occupant as they sleep.

Indulge HD Memory Foam

An advanced and indulgent high-density memory foam developed by Tempur-Pedic (a sister company to Stearns and Foster).

Tencel Cover

The top Tencel Cover layer is stretchable and soft and is made from Tencel plant fibers derived from the eucalyptus plant.

The Stearns and Foster Cassatt plush pillow top mattress is an American-made mattress that comes backed with a ten-year warranty that provides peace of mind against manufacturing defects.

King Koil Brand Overview

King Koil is another well-established mattress manufacturer that designs and builds its products in the United States. The brand started life back in 1898 as United States Bedding in St. Paul, MN.

The company was the brainchild of Samuel Bronstein and began as a small manufacturing concern that employed just six workers. It wasn’t until the 1930s that the company rebranded itself as King Koil.

Today, King Koil is a world-famous brand that ships its mattresses to more than 90 countries worldwide. All mattresses get handcrafted by experts passionate about their work, just as they did 123 years ago.

The firm has several mattress collections, and the “Tribute” is one of their most popular lines to date.

About the King Koil Tribute

The King Koil Tribute Plush Box Pillow Top mattress is an exemplary mattress that undoubtedly sets the bar for quality, comfort, and durability. It’s a mattress that blends the latest in mattress technology with traditional craftsmanship and artistry.

When it comes to mattress perfection, the King Koil Tribute Plush Box pillow top mattress is undoubtedly an example that should make your shortlist. But what is it about this particular mattress that stands out from the crowd?

Enhanced Comfort

One of the impressive features of the mattress is its tailormade tufting. It’s a feature that offers optimum comfort by maintaining the various comfort layers in the mattress. It also prevents the mattress from sagging and ensures strength and firmness.

Memory Foam That Keeps You Cool

Another remarkable feature of the King Koil Tribute Plush Box Pillow Top mattress is the graphite-infused memory foam. The open-cell structure design helps channel heat away from the mattress surface while maintaining breathability.

4K Independently-Encased Coils

Deep inside the mattress are 4,000 independently-encased coils that relieve pressure and ensure maximum comfort. The coils concentrate over the center third section of the mattress to provide ultimate support.

Tencel Surface Fabric

Compared to some competing mattresses, the King Koil Tribute Plush Box Pillow Top mattress boasts Tencel surface fabric to aid breathability and comfort during sleep. Its stretchiness allows the mattress to respond to your sleeping position, providing high comfort.

HypurGel Memory Foam

Lastly, the mattress also contains a HypurGel memory foam layer that provides an optimal sleeping surface temperature, perfect for a good night’s sleep on a warm summer’s evening.


Both mattresses are undoubtedly premium products that boast many features and benefits. Armed with the details and specifications above, it makes sense to try out both mattresses in person before making a final purchasing decision.

Cassatt Plush Pillow Top

Features Benefits
PrecisionEdge™ + AirVent Extra support around the edges for more mattress use
IntelliCoil® HD Outer part of two-part coil system for adaptive support
IntelliCoil® Micro Inner part of two-part coil system for more support
Indulge HD Memory Foam High-density memory foam designed by Tempur-Pedic
Tencel Cover Soft, stretchy cover made from eucalyptus plant for maximum soft feel and comfort

Tribute Plush Box Pillow Top

Features Benefits
Tailormade Tufting™ Keeps support and comfort layers from shifting
Graphite-infused Memory Foam Provides breathability and channels away heat to keep you cool and comfortable
4K Individually Encased Coils Provide exceptional adaptive support
Tencel Surface Fabric Provides natural softness made from Eucalyptus plant
HypurGel Memory Foam Body contouring, cool comfort all night