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Staying Cool At Night Can Be A Complicated Chore

Staying Cool Sleeping at night Infographic from Best Mattress in Las Vegas, Mesquite, and St. George Utah

True, some ideas are simple and very doable:

  • Sleep with your feet uncovered.  Your feet are packed with more nerve endings than most other parts of your body, allowing them to sense temperatures easily.  If you keep your feet cool, it’ll make your brain think the rest of your body is cool.
  • Get something breathable.  Trade your snazzy silk pajamas for cotton.  They’ll wick moisture away from you instead of trapping it by your skin.

Other ideas are not so simple:

  • Take a hot bath every night.  When you get out of the bath and walk into your room, your body will rapidly drop in temperature, causing you to feel cool and making it easy to fall asleep.
  • Become a fan engineer.  Fill a large bowl with ice and put it in front of a fan aimed at your bed (as the ice melts, cool water vapor will be blown toward you).  Program your ceiling fan to blow upward (to pull hot air up and push it outward). Finally, open a window and position a fan to blow out of it (this will drag hot air outside).
  • Adopt a hot water bottle.  It’ll also make the perfect ice pack that you can shove somewhere useful that’ll keep you cool.
  • Use the freezer as a linen closet.  Put sheets and pillowcases in your fridge and freezer.  Put them on the bed before going to bed, and they’ll be sure to cool you down quickly.  If you don’t want to smell like leftover casserole, you might consider putting them in a plastic bag first.

The ideas above help.  In fact, we recommend trying them!  However, if you would prefer making changes that don’t require constant supervision and daily cleanup, we recommend you simply invest in some cooler bedding.  Come to Best Mattress; we sell cool sheets in Las Vegas! Also, if you’ve been looking for a cooling pillow in Las Vegas, Best Mattress has it!

This bedding is specifically designed to keep you at an optimum sleeping temperature – nice and cool.  And the best part? You just put it on your bed, and the job is done. No fussing, no hassling and no cleanup (okay, that was a joke… you should probably wash your bedsheets).  Our cooling sheets are a Las Vegas phenomenon – they’re perfect for residents of a desert city