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Sleep Tip #34 A Sleep Diary

Writing a sleep log can help a lot for better sleep Have you ever thought about keeping a sleep diary? If you don’t know what a sleep diary, also known as a sleep log, is it is a diary that you keep to track your sleep patterns and see what might be causing you to have restless or poor sleep. This may help you understand how your habits affect your sleep.

What typically you should do is track your sleep every day for at least 2 weeks or longer. Write down things like what time you go to bed, how long it takes you to fall asleep, how many times you wake up during the night, how you feel in the morning, etc. Anything sleep related such as what kind of food and drinks you consumed prior to bedtime. What kind of exercise have you got? Comparing your daily activities with your nightly sleep patterns can help show you where you need to improve and make changes.

Best Mattress has its own Sleep Diary pages that you can download and use to start your own sleep diary to help you find how to get better sleep.  If you feel that you need a new pillow, mattress, or perhaps even your bed sheets all of our sleep experts at all of our locations would be happy to help get a much better quality of sleep at night.

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