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Sleep Tip #32 Should You Make Your Bed When You Wake?

A messy bed Is actually good for you

You probably remember your parents telling you to make your bed every morning when you were a child before starting your day. It was annoying at times and not something you understood completely. You probably felt it was a waste of time, and we have some good news for you!

The habit of making your bed in the morning may actually be bad for your health. It is shown that when you rise and make your bed immediately; the tight sheets can trap millions of dust mites and allergens within your bed. It is easier to try and keep those dust mites away by making your bed after you shower or eat breakfast in the morning. The combination of an unmade bed with fresh air and light will help kill them off. So yes it still can be good to make your bed each day, but do it when you feel more awake.  If you would like to read more about dust mites infesting your bed you can learn about it here

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