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Sleep Tip #3

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The Better Sleep Council (BSC) aims to raise awareness about the benefits of better sleep and how poor sleep can disrupt our lives.  Best Mattress agrees with the BSC in the pursuit of a quality night’s sleep.  We believe that the BSC would agree with us and the Mayo Clinic’s study which recommends that the first thing you should do to get better sleep is to stick to a sleep schedule.

It can be hard to start at first, but start going to bed and get up at the same time every day, weekend, holiday and day off.  Beginning a consistent sleep schedule reinforces your body’s sleep-wake cycle and helps promote sleep at night.  A very important part of sticking to a schedule is to have a pre-sleep routine. This will further benefit your sleep as it tells your body that you are ready to rest. Some very beneficial pre-sleep ideas can be to take a bath, read a book or practicing relaxation exercises that can help your body transition from wake time to sleep time effectively.

Taking this tip to heart can help you to begin sleeping better, and feeling happier and healthier than you may have felt previously.

If you still think that there might be something else making it hard to you to get a full nights sleep then come into a Best Mattress Location. One of our mattress experts can help you to find a brand new mattress. We have many affordable options for any budget, and we also offer financing with no credit check!

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